Unusual Love.<3

Breanna a 16 year old is abused by her mother. She finally gets the chance to run away. She runs away to where to she meets Niall.. Niall is protective and loves her so much. But he's afraid she's gonna fall for Harry, (he always gets the girls) But eventually her mother finds her and tries to murder her. Whats gonna happen ? Oh that's right I only know. ;3 Enjoy.(:


7. Hospital..

-Niall's P.O.V.-

Harry called me and said that I need to get to the hospital now with the boys... He also said that he will explain when I get there.. I just know it's about Breanna.. Dammit Harry what did you do this time ? I ran downstairs.. I told the boys to get in the car now. They didn't question me, they knew I was upset/pissed. When we were all in the car, I told them where we were going.. Louis about flipped out.. I thought he was gonna kill one of us..

-Louis's P.O.V.-

When Niall said that we were going to the hospital.. I was pissed.. Beacuse Harry always fucks up..But this time it was with Breanna.. I may have only met her the other day.. But Breanna is already like a sister to me.. But for some reason She only trusts Niall and I.. It's really weird because most girls trust Liam first.. But I can tell Niall is most likely going to kill Harry.. Niall seriously cares about this girl, I have never ever seen him this happy before.. well actually he's mad right now.. But Niall seriously has deep feelings for this girl. He loves her to death ! I just know he's worried Harry is gonna get the girl like always.. God dammit Harry.

-Niall's P.O.V.-

We arrived at the hospital and I ran in. I saw Harry I was surprisingly calm.. 

Harry what the fuck happened ?

Well you know about the habit I have ?

Oh Gosh, Yes.

Well, she didn't know about the habit.. She went to the bathroom and I was naked.. And you know I can't do nothing about the habit.. 

Yes, I know. I understand.

But I don't understand why she ran away..

It's a long story... But uhh where is she ?

I dunno.. They won't tell me.. She also said that she's not talking to anyone till she sees you.

Okay.. I walked over to the nurse, Uh, can you tell me where Breann's room is ?

Go down the hall and it's the first door on the left.

Okay thanks. I walked down the hall, and I went to her room.

-Breanna's P.O.V.-

I woke up and I was in the hospital.. I have a broken leg, and I also had a concussion. I have no clue what happened.. I 'm not talking to no one till I see Niall.. I don't even want to talk to Harry.. The only thing I remember is a date with Harry, going to the bathroom, Coming out seeing Harry naked, and running.. Niall walked in and I immediately had a smile on my face. 

NIALL !!!!

Breanna, Are you okay ?

Yeah, I just have a broken leg.. and I had a concusion..

Thank God. How did this all happen ?

Well I went to the bathroom and I came out.. And Harry was naked.. I began to cry.. Then I ran out.. And I have no idea what happened next..

Oh I'm so sorry. Don't cry. I'm going to tell you something, everything you heard about harry is true about his one night stands, but he would never rape you or anyone else. He just has this habit of getting naked.. He can't control his habit.. He should have told you. Harry would never hurt you.

Are you sure ? I have heard a lot of things about him..

Yes, I'm Sure. Not everything you hear is true.. Now are you feeling okay ?

Yeah. I feel much better.

Okay. we'll I'm going to talk to the doctor. I'm gonna have Louis come in here.

Okay, don't be too long pleaseeee.

I won't.

He walked out the door, and told Louis to sit with me while he went and talked to the doctor.

-Louis's P.O.V.-

Breanna !!

Louis !!

What happened ?

I guess I broke my leg and I had a concussion..

I know that.. But how did all this happen ?

I really don't know..

Oh, But I got a question.

Uhh, Okay.. Ask away..

Do you like Niall ? he winked..

Uhh.. Yeah.. I said blushing..

Awe, You twi would be perfect together.

Really ? I was blushing even more now.. Then Niall walked in.. Finally he would stop talking about Niall..

Hey my cute little Leprechaun. I winked.

Hey my beautiful Ninja Turtle. He winked.

I started Blushing.. what did the doctor say ?

He said you could go home tonight. He will release you in five minutes.

Yaaay. I can get out of here. On the way home can we stop to eat ? cause the food here is shitty..

Haha, Yes and I know it is.

The doctor came in and gave us my medication. Niall helped me out of bed. He helped me all the way out. He put me in the car and made the boys ride with Harry. We stopped at Taco Bell. we each got a Doritos Taco. Then we drove home.. Niall helped me upstairs. He brought me my taco and drink. We ate and laughed together. Then I said that I wanted to change. So Niall gave me a pair of sweat pants and his hoodie. Niall was about to leave but I said stay, but face the wall. just incase I need help. Niall. I can't get the pants off can you help me ?

-Niall's P.O.V.-

Today has been interesting. I'm taking care of Breanna for now on. She's not getting out of my sight unless she's with Louis or Sophia. It was weird though. I was going to walk out of the room so she could change, but she told me to stay but face the wall.. She's been paranoid.. ever since what her father did. I don't blame her. But it's just weird.

Niall. I can't get the pants off. Can you help ?

Sure thing. I came over and unbuttoned her pants, pulled them off slowly. Then I went to pull off her shirt..

Uhh, Niall I don't need help with that..

Oh yeah, right. Sorry.

It's okay, but could you put the sweat pants on please.. she said with a puppy dog face.

Of course.

Thanks Niall your the best.

Your better.

No, I'm Not.


Fine. I'm gonna go to bed now.

So am I.

But uhh. hwere are you gonna sleep ?

The floor. where else ?

Niall get up here on the bed. I can't make you sleep on the floor.

Oh Okay. Oh I'm telling you now I sleep in my boxers. So don't freak out.

It's fine. Just get up here.

Bossy much ?

Maybe, now come on.

I jumped in bed with her. Ad I wrapped my arms around her. I whispered Breanna.

Yeah Niall.


She turned around. With my arms still wrapped around her. She leaned and I leaned We kissed. and she said.

Niall. I.Love.You.To.And.I.Always.Will.

I will always love you to no matter what.


She then laid her head on my chest and cuddled up to me, and she fell asleep peacefully. Tomorrow I'm going to officially maker her mine, I'm going to sing her the song I have been writing and ask her to be mine.

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