Unusual Love.<3

Breanna a 16 year old is abused by her mother. She finally gets the chance to run away. She runs away to where to she meets Niall.. Niall is protective and loves her so much. But he's afraid she's gonna fall for Harry, (he always gets the girls) But eventually her mother finds her and tries to murder her. Whats gonna happen ? Oh that's right I only know. ;3 Enjoy.(:


6. Date with Harry.

-Breanna's P.O.V.-

I walked up to Niall's room.. Niall ?

Yes Breanna..

I don't you to be mad at me.. But tonight, I'm going on a date with Harry.. to make him happy and he will leave me alone. I'm not excited about this date.. so don't think I am.

Breanna.. I'm not mad just be careful.

I going to. AHHHH.

Whats wrong ?

I just really don't want to go on this date. But if he will stop asking me and leave me alone then I guess it's worth it.. 

Just try to have fun please. 

Fine.. Niall...

Yes ?

I'm gonna miss you..

I'm gonna miss you tooooooooooo.

I guess I'll go get ready now...

-Harry's P.O.V.-

I did it. I Finally did it. I asked her.. Now I'm going to take her to a expensive restaurant and impress her, make her feelings for Niall go away and come over to Harry. I will get her. Niall doesn't deserve a girl. I do. I mean the curls get the girls. Niall will find his princess, but his princess isn't Breanna. Breanna is my princess. Well she will be. I just hope Niall doesn't stop her from going on the date with me. Cause after she said fine she ran up to their room. I guess I should go get ready.. 

-Niall's P.O.V.-

SHIT. Am i really letting her go on a date ? A date that she isn't even looking forward to ? God dammit Harry. I already know his plan. His plan is to make her fall for him and stead of me. I will just go and let her have her fun. I will just hope that she doesn't fall for Harry, she doesn't know how much I Love and car about her. Well while she's out on her date, I guess I will work on the new song. I've been writing this ever since I met her. She's so insecure, I just don't understand, she's so beautiful. This morning was great.. How after she got out of the shower she asked yo use my clothes.. She had clothes, But it was cute. She looked cute in my clothes. This morning when she was singing.. Oh Gosh. She has an amazing voice. She was singing Change My Mind. Oh Gosh. She sings that better than us. She's just so amazing. ah.

-Breanna's P.O.V.-

I walked off grabbed my skinny jeans, Purple Tank Top and my purple Vans. I threw them on real fast. There I'm ready for this date. I'm not getting all dressed up. I walked into Niall's room.. He;s writing that song again..

Heeeeey Niall.

Hey Breanna.

I'm gonna go now.. I'll Miss you.

Ok. I'mma miss you more.

Yeah right I winked at him.

I walked downstairs where I found Harry in a tux. Uhh I didn't have anything to wear so I wore this if that's fine.

Yeah it's fine. Lets go.

We walked out to the car. He opened the car door for me Gentleman like. I jumped in, and so did he. So where are we going ? I asked..

We are going to Veeraswamy..

WTF is that ?

It's a fancy restaurant..

Oh Ok. Oh Gosh. If he's trying to impress me. Taking me to a fancy restaurant is not a way. I Would rather go to Taco Bell or something. Not some fancy restaurant. Gosh.

Okay we are here..

Okay lets go...

Harry Styles ?

Uh, That's me.

Right this way.

The waitress was giving me dirty looks like what you doing with him ? I was about to be like you want him ? have him. She took us all the way to the back where there was a table for two.

Your seats are right here.

Thank you.

Do you like it ?

Uhh, Sure.

What would you guys like to drink ?

Uhh water for me. I said.

I would like Pepsi..

Ok, SO water and Pepsi ?


Ok, I will be right back with your drinks..

So uhh Harry why did you wanna go on a date with me ?

Well, I really don't know..

Err. Whatever.

So Breanna what have you been up to ?

Uh, Hanging out with Niall I said happily. How about you ?

Uh, hanging out with the boys..

Sounds like fun..

Haha it is. you should hang with us sometime.

Well, I'm planning on it tomorrow cause I'm Bringing my best friend over.

Okay, Sounds like tomorrow is gonna be a fun day.

Sure is !! I looked down at my phone it's already 11. Hey Harry can we get going cause it's 11.

Yeah. Is it fine if we just stop at a hotel ? Cause I'm not supposed to drive at night.

Uhh. Sure. I guess..

Alright lets go.

I texted Niall real quick.

Me; Hey, MY cute little Leprechaun.(; Harry said that he can't drive at night.. so we are gonna stay at a hotel. So I wills be back in the morning. I Miss you.

-Niall's P.O.V.-

I have been working on this song all day.. They boys are pretty worried about me.. They just don't understand.. All the sudden I got a text.

My Ninja Turtle.<3; Hey, MY cute little Leprechaun.(; Harry said that he can't drive at night.. so we are gonna stay at a hotel. So I wills be back in the morning. I Miss you.

Me; Okay. BE CAREFUL ;3 I can't wait to see MY beautiful little Ninja Turtle.(; I Miss you more !

Harry didn't lie to her at least. He really can't drive at night. But in that text she seems so unsure.. Oh Gosh.. But I miss her so much. I just can't wait to see her. Well I guess I should get some sleep now..

-Breanna's P.O.V.-

It was a short quite car ride. But I liked it like that. We got there, Harry got a room and we walked up there. Then my phone went off. 

My Leprechaun.<3; Okay. BE CAREFUL ;3 I can't wait to see MY beautiful little Ninja Turtle.(; I Miss you more !

Me; I miss you most ! I can't wait to see MY cute little Leprechaun.(: 

Gosh, I miss Niall so much. There's not a minute in the day I want to be without him.. Niall is my world. I went in the bathroom to go pee.. I walked out and I saw Harry Naked and I ran out of the hotel..

-Harry's P.O.V.-

Breanna ran out. I think it's because I'm naked.. But it's a habit.. I quickly got dressed and ran down after her. I got outside and she had fallen she was knocked out... I called a ambulance. They came quickly and took her. I called Niall first. I just told him to go to the hospital and I will talk to him there. I told him to bring the boys to. Why did I have to bring her on a date ? Gosh. I'm so dumb.. Damn. If wouldn't have gotten naked then she wouldn't have gotten scared.. But it's a habit.. Now Niall is gonna hate me.. And he will most likely kill me..

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