Unusual Love.<3

Breanna a 16 year old is abused by her mother. She finally gets the chance to run away. She runs away to where to she meets Niall.. Niall is protective and loves her so much. But he's afraid she's gonna fall for Harry, (he always gets the girls) But eventually her mother finds her and tries to murder her. Whats gonna happen ? Oh that's right I only know. ;3 Enjoy.(:


8. Authors Note.

So guys i'm sorry I haven't been updating. I'm sorry. But, I have chapter six for you.^.^ & if i don't update its cause its Summer time.^.^ 

What time is it ?

SUMMER TIME. *Cue High School Musical Music*

Haha sorry I had to say that..

Anyways, I have a lot planned for this summer. But Summer 2013 Is gonna be my best summer ever.. ^.^ Cause..... I saw One Direction on 06.13.13 I sat in section 410 seat 11. ^,^ I shall remember that forever. So what are you guys doing this summer ? I'm going to Lego Land.^.^ I live in the hot state of Florida. 

Oh, And thank you guys for 83 reads !! Ahhh. I can't believe it. 

I'm going to update then put another story up.. My friend and I were working on it.. but then she told me to finish it because school was over.. So look out for that story.There will be a lot of drama in that story.. So anyways sorry for this long authors note... So enjoy the rest of the story. ^.^

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