Love and Hope

Emerald Summers.
She's just a girl who wants to end her never-ending hunger for human souls.

Harry Styles
The new boy who only wants to understand and win Emerald's heart.

Will both get what they want in their own seperate ways? Or will love and hope be the answer for the both of them?


2. Take My Breath Away

He 's so....beautiful. Mesmerizing green eyes, curly brown hair that any girl would want to run her hands through, and that smile. That smile makes me want to swoon, and im nowhere near the swooning type. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of hot guys at my school, but something about him was different. I realize that as the teacher talks, his eyes are only on mine. He smiles a cheeky, dimpled smile, and i look down, blushing. The teacher tells Harry(i remember the teacher saying something like that) to take a seat, and he immediately goes to the empty seat by mine." Hi", Harry whispers to me as the teacher starts teaching her lesson. "Hi", i whisper back shyly. This is not like me to be shy, not at all. God, how can he have this effect on me when i barely even know him? " What's your name?", he asks, his eyes on me. " Ummm, my name's Emerald.", i say quietly. I mentally faceplam myself. Seriously, what's with the shyness? " What a beautiful name you have", he says softly, looking me in the eyes. I open my mouth to say thank you, but the words get stuck in my throat. I really, really hate this effect this guy has on me right now. I close my mouth and divert my attention to the teacher, though i have no idea what's she's talking about. Soon class is over and im walking to my next class when Harry comes by me. "Hey I was wondering if you could show me around the school since im new.", he says with a smile. I can't help but notice he has the most beautiful British accent I've ever heard in my life. Without even thinking about it i say " Yes". "What's your next class?", i ask. "Science with Ms. Nough.", he says, reading his schedule. " Oh thats my next one too.", i say ," Follow me." For some reason i feel happier than i did before. I push the strange feeling aside and guide Harry to our next class. This it's going to be a long day.
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