Love and Hope

Emerald Summers.
She's just a girl who wants to end her never-ending hunger for human souls.

Harry Styles
The new boy who only wants to understand and win Emerald's heart.

Will both get what they want in their own seperate ways? Or will love and hope be the answer for the both of them?


11. She's Here

I turn to Harry when we reach my front door."Sorry about everything.", I mumble arkwardly, looking down. Harry pulls my chin up and looks me in the eyes."At least I got to spend time with you.", he says, smiling. I blush and look away."Well, umm, I think you should get going.", I stumble on the words a bit and mentally facepalm myself. He nods, a look of sadness crossing his face for a second. Then he turns around and starts walking down the street."Wait, are you sure you don't need a ride?", I call, worried. Harry turns around."I think I'll be fine!", he calls back, and then he disappears around a corner. I stand there for just a minute, thinking about him again. I shake my head and snap out of it, then I unlock my door and go inside. No one's home. I guess they went their seperate ways while I was with Harry. I plop down on my sofa, tired as hell, when I hear a familiar ringtone. I take my phone out of my pocket. I hold the phone to my ear."Hello?", I say."She's here.", is all Tyrica says. She doesn't need to tell me her name, because by the mix of fear and hatred in her voice, I know exactly who it is. But how? She disappeared off the face of the earth years ago. We all thought she was dead and gone, finally gotten rid of. But Tyrica wouldnt be seeing things. So it is true. May is here. My dark sister has come to town. Author's note: Sorry it's so short guys! I promise the next chap will be longer. Things have been a bit hectic these days, so updating has gotten harder. Oh yea and THANK YOU SO MUCH on the 101 reads!!! I could've never done it without you guys!!! So again, ill promise to make the chap longer and more spectacular. Byezzzzz!!!! :-)
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