Love and Hope

Emerald Summers.
She's just a girl who wants to end her never-ending hunger for human souls.

Harry Styles
The new boy who only wants to understand and win Emerald's heart.

Will both get what they want in their own seperate ways? Or will love and hope be the answer for the both of them?


4. Save Me

Emerald's POV (After school) I walk home from the pub that i work at. School wasn't it's usual hell with Harry there. He succeeded in making me blush every five minutes and i couldnt stop smiling, even thinking about him now i still can't. He was invited to another table at lunch and for some strange reason i felt incredible disappointment. I looked at him to find him already looking at me with what looked like the same feeling, though it was probably my imagination. I sigh and find myself wishing i could see him again. I shake my head. No, i shouldnt be thinking about him like that. As i walk i hear what sounds like arguing. I get closer to the source of the sound and i hear Harry's voice. I walk faster and i come across a dark alley. I see a scruffy looking guy and Harry, who has his hands up. "Look i don't have any money", Harry says calmly. "Pretty boys like you always have money", the scruffy guy says, pulling out a knife. Without even thinking about it, i shout " Get away from him!", and i start running toward them. But it's too late and the guy stabs Harry. I get to him and bite him, giving a large dose of poison with my fangs and knocking him out. Harry looks at me with bewilderment. "Emerald?", he asks, and my heart clenches at how much pain is in his voice. "Shh", i say, gently biting him, "Just go to sleep." His head rolls back and his breathing slows.
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