Love and Hope

Emerald Summers.
She's just a girl who wants to end her never-ending hunger for human souls.

Harry Styles
The new boy who only wants to understand and win Emerald's heart.

Will both get what they want in their own seperate ways? Or will love and hope be the answer for the both of them?


1. Prey

I watch him from a distance. He was handsome, drunk, and alone. Perfect. He was young too, which means i won't be hungry for awhile. I wait in the dark alley until he's at least 10ft away from me. Then i make my move, running to him at lightning speed and biting him, quickly weakening him. No time for seduction, I'm too hungry. I position my mouth above his and i start to drain him of his soul. So nice, filling,and young... I start to find it harder to break away. Fighting the urge to entirely consume his soul, i break away. I look around and drag him into an old abandoned building nearby. Before i leave, i check for his heartbeat. Strong enough. I walk out onto to street and head home, my defenses up. I can't end up in a situation where i have to kill someone to defend myself. No need in malling people suspicious. I get to my house and i relax. I open the door to find my best friend, Tyrica sitting on the couch. "Where the hell have you been?", she asks, her voice full of concern. "I've been out" , i say simply as i hang up my coat. Tyrica is my first best friend and is half-wolf. She's more powerful than most and smarter too. She turns me around to face her and looks me in the eye. " You went hunting didn't you?", she says, disappointment prominent voice. "It's not like i killed him", i mumble, though thanks to her wolf side, Tyrica would hear me no matter how low i mumble. " Well there was a VERY good chance you could have" , she argues. There she goes again, scolding me. I appreciate her concern for me, but sometimes she acts as if i actually enjoy consuming souls. "Look it won't happen again, I promise" , I say holding one hand up in a pledge. Tyrica chuckles. "Whatever. Just go to sleep. We can't have you sleeping in class.", she says. "Yes ma'am", i say, rolling my eyes as i head to my room. She laughs again. "Good nite!" , she calls as she enters her room. I wake up to blinding light. I yawn, and climb out of bed. I put my head in my hands and groan. Today i have to go to school, or as i like to call it, hell on earth. I swear, if it want for my BFs at school, i would have gone into hysterics by now. I take a quick shower, change, and head out into the kitchen. "Mornin!", Tyrica says cheerfully when she sees me. Unlike me, she's usually in a good mood. "Get ready for weekday is probably going to be the best waffles you would have ever eaten in your life", she says, putting a stack of them on the dining table. I sit down and pout. "Why not pancakes?", i ask indignantly. "Because waffles are awesome", she says matter of faculty. "Well pancakes are awesomer", i say. Tyrica gasps. " How dare you make such a vulgar statement!", she exclaims dramatically, holding her hand to her heart. I roll my eyes and laugh. "Whatever", i say, "I'm not going to argue with you this morning." We both eat and when we're finished we both head out to my car and I drive over to our high school. As soon as we enter the double doors, we're met with a bear hug from our best friend Korrina. She's a.Salem, someone who it's aspire to communicate with the dead and demons. Like most Salems, she uses her abilities in exorcisms. "Hey guys", Justina says plainly. She's a fallen angel. Most people think fallen angels are the bad guys, but they're really just good angels with a dark side. "Hi", Nikia says quietly. She's a Rae. Raes are beings that are full of light. They connect well with nature and are incredibly nice and shy. We all start walking to our lockers. "Someone new is coming to our school", Justina says. Her knowing this doesn't surprise me, since she can tell the future. "Can you tell us anything else about him?", Korinna asks curiously. " All i can tell you is that the person is coming today and it's a male", Justina says. We get to our,lockers, quickly get our stuff and head to class. " Well i hope he's not as much as a dick the other guys in this school is.", Tyrica says, sighing. We enter the classroom and take our seats. Once everyone is seated the teacher pulls a student up to the front of the classroom. " Students I would like to introduce you to a new student". I look up to see who it it's, since I want paying much attention, and nearly gasp out loud.
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