Love and Hope

Emerald Summers.
She's just a girl who wants to end her never-ending hunger for human souls.

Harry Styles
The new boy who only wants to understand and win Emerald's heart.

Will both get what they want in their own seperate ways? Or will love and hope be the answer for the both of them?


9. Keep Me Safe

I can't believe i had forgotten Harry like that. I walk over to him and pull him into my room. I.close the door and turn toward him."Are you okay?", i ask. Harry puts his face in his hands. "What the hell was that.", he says, sounding horrified. I sigh. Great, more explaining to do. "Well Justina's a fallen angel, so she's more vulnerable to being possessed by demons.", i say. I'll tell him more later. He gets a worried look. "These they possess humans?.", he asks. "I'd never let that happen to you." I say determinedly. It comes out before i can even think about it. How did i come to care about him so much? He nods, then looks up me. "How about you?Are you okay?", he asks, surprising me. I smile. "I'm fine.", I say. Harry looks at my door. "Are any of yoir friends ummm... human?", he asks nervously. "No", i say. Harry gets a bit of a worried look on face. "But they dont need what i need to survive.", i say quickly, reassuring him. He lets out a breath of relief. "Well if it's fine with you, I've got a lot of questions to ask.", he says, . "I'll answer any question you have if i can.", i say, shrugging. "Well how bout we do it over a milkshake?", Harry says, grinning. Author's note: Sorry it's so short guys! I just didnt hav alot of.time so i wrote as much as i could. I promise the next chapter will be phenominiall!!!! (Lol see wat i did there?) With 1D luv iluv1D411 aka easterbunny
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