Falling Apart.

Brooklyn and Bella have been friends forever, they promised nothing would come between them, but what happens when they like the same guy? Does Brooklyn get the guy? Does Bella get the guy? Or do they decide to push the boy aside so there friendship doesn't fall apart?


3. Things Get Complicated.

*Brooklyn's POV*

Bella and I made it to the cafe Justin was standing there, everything about him was gorgeous his muscles, his eyes, his hair, the way he walks.... "Brooke are you okay?" Justin says. "What? Oh yeah sorry.. Just thinking." I say. "Yeah about Justin." Bella scoffs. "Oh shut up." I say laughing. "Well we're supposed to give Justin a tour of the school aren't we? Let's go!" Bella yells. "Leggo!" Justin says. 


*Justin's POV* 

Brooke and Bella ended the tour with bringing me back to the cafe, they pretty much showed me everything. I wasn't really paying attention though I had my eyes on Brooke the whole time... Don't get me wrong they're both beautiful and really sweet. But there is something about Brooke that I can't get out of my head.. I know we just met, but.. I snapped out of my thought, when I overheard Bella and Brooke. "Justin is so cute!" Brooke said. I blushed at that. "I know, but let's not let any boy or anyone get between our friendship okay? We can't get to attached!" Says Bella. "I know, I know! Bestfriends forever." Says Brooke. What was that about I thought, am I going to get between them because that's the last thing I want. Whatever, I'm not going to worry about it. I walked over to Bella and Brooke. "Aye wanna go to starbucks I'll pay, ya know since schools just about over." I said. Bella and Brooke looked at eachother "Yeah sure." They both said. "Alright Leggo!" I shouted. 


*Brooke POV*


We made it to starbucks and Justin jumped out of the car and opened the door for the both us he's so cute. "Why thank you Justin." I said smiling. "Thanks Justin" Bella said. "No problem pretty ladies" He said. I blushed at that, and he smiled at me. That smile is just so adorable. We walked into starbucks I got a medium java chip, Bella got a medium mocha frappe, and Justin got a medium passion fruit iced tea, and we sat down at a table in the back. "I say we play a game." Justin said. "Like what?" Bella asked. "Well we each say our name and a fact about us, just so we can get to know eachother better." Okay, Bella you go first." I said. "Okay, wait do the facts about us have to be personal or just something stupid like our favorite color." She asked. "Well it's up to you guys." He said smiling. "Okay I'm Isabella rose Monroe, ugly I know, and my favorite color is teal." Bella said. "You next Justin." I said smiling. "Why me?!" Justin said sounding immature. "Because I said so." I said sticking my tongue out. "Fine, fine. My name is Justin Drew Bieber, and my parents got divorced when I was a baby." He said. "Aww that's so sad!" Bella and I said at the same time. "Mhm, now Brookie your turn." He said laughing. "Brookie where did that come from?" I said laughing. "I don't know but I'm calling you that for now on, now come on your turn!"

"Okay! My name is Brooklyn Rae, and  I play piano." I said. And then my phone vibrated, it was a text from my mom she wanted me home. "I have to go home." I said disappointed. "Do you want me to drive you home?" Justin asked. "Nah it's fine, I brought my car, but I doubt Bella wants to leave now and I drove her to school." I said. "I'll drive her later, is that okay Bella?" "Yeah, that's fine." Bella said smiling "Okay, bye Bella and Justin I'll see you guys tomorrow."  And I drove home.

*Bella's POV*

It's been like an hour and Justin and I are still talking non stop, he's really sweet, and so cute, but Brooke and I promised nothing would come between us so I will keep that promise. I looked up at Justin and he smiled at me, I smiled back. "It's like 5:30 now, when do you have to be home?" Justin asked. "I should probably get home now, my mom is probably wondering where I am." I said. "Alright leggo!" He always says that and it makes me laugh everytime. "Why are you laughing?" Justin said smiling. "I don't know." I said lying. "Tell me!" Justin whined. "It's just that it's so cute when you say leggo... You're so cute." Shit did I just say that? No, no I didn't. Shit. Justin chuckled "Well thank you." He said smiling. "No problem." I said embarrassed. "Alright let me drive you home now." Justin said. 


Tell me if you don't like the story, I know it's not good, it's my first story so I need feedback, thanks. xx 

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