Falling Apart.

Brooklyn and Bella have been friends forever, they promised nothing would come between them, but what happens when they like the same guy? Does Brooklyn get the guy? Does Bella get the guy? Or do they decide to push the boy aside so there friendship doesn't fall apart?


1. First Day Of School.

*Brooklyn's POV*

It's the first day of school, I'm meeting my bestfriend Bella at her house so we can get ready together since we are finally seniors! I ran downstairs, I was about to leave but of course my mom stopped me. She's crying? "Mom why are you crying?" I said nervously. "You're a senior, you're getting so old!" She mumbled "I remember when you were first born... It was a Monday.." She says. I could tell I would be standing here a while if I let her talk. "Okay mom I have to go, Bye Love you!" And with that said I ran out the door, and jumped in my car and drove off. When I made it to Bella's it was already 6 am  that means we only have about an hour to get ready so I ran to the door, I didn't even bother knocking she knew I was coming.  I ran in and shouted "Hi Mrs. Monroe!" She yelled back "Hi sweetie!" When I got to Bella's room she was already dressed. "Bella, we were supposed to get ready together!" I said. "I know, but you were taking a long time." she says. "Sorry, my mom was having a melt down.." I said annoyed. "It's fine just get dressed you have an hour!" She says excited.  And with that said I ran to the bathroom, and brushed my long blonde hair which ended right at my belly button and I curled it, then I put on my pink shorts, and a black v neck, with some black vans with gold studs. I then put on my makeup it was pretty simple, some eyeliner mascara, with baby pink eye shadow with some sparkles. I then walked out of the bathroom, Bella was dressed in a completely different outfit.. Her long brown hair ended about half way down her stomach, and she straightened it, she had on white shorts with a teal crop top, with her white  gold studded vans her makeup was pretty simple also some eyeliner with mascara and sparkly eyeshadow, I'd say we looked pretty good, "You look hot Bella" I said laughing. "Right back at cha girl" Bella said excitedly. I checked the time and it was about 6:40 am and it takes about 15 minutes to get to school so we ran downstairs and we both shouted bye to whoever was downstairs, and we were off to school. 

Sorry the font has been screwing up, but I hope you liked this chapter it's my first chapter so it may not be the best, but I'll probably be updating a lot! 

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