Falling Apart.

Brooklyn and Bella have been friends forever, they promised nothing would come between them, but what happens when they like the same guy? Does Brooklyn get the guy? Does Bella get the guy? Or do they decide to push the boy aside so there friendship doesn't fall apart?


2. And School Begins.

*Bellas POV*

I walked into school with Brooke (Yes I call Brooklyn Brooke) the principal gave us today to look around for where our classes will be, and to talk to our friends we haven't seen, also to decorate our lockers! We were never aloud to do that but since we're seniors they're allowing us to! "I'm going to the bathroom really quick." Brooke said "Okay be back quick I want to see what classes we have together!" She nodded and walked towards the bathroom. I was just walking around in circles waiting for Brooke, then I saw her.. She was talking to some guy, he's really cute, he has dirty blonde hair gelled up in the front, he's wearing a white v neck, some black skinny jeans, with red supras he was absolutely gorgeous! As he was turning around he caught me staring at him, he chuckled to himself, smiled at me and walked away, just then Brooke came skipping over towards me "Who is he?" I said anxious. "Who is who?" She said sarcastically. " Shut up you know who!" I said annoyed. "I know." She said smiling. "You're so annoying, just tell me already!" I said angry. "Okay, okay. His name is Justin he's new here, he accidentally bumped into me so we started talking." She said smiling. "Alright well... He's really hot." I said laughing. "I know! I told him we'd give him a tour of the school since he's new, you in?" She said happily. "Um yes!" I shouted. "Okay, he told us to meet him at the cafe, let's go!" She said running towards the cafe. And I ran after her. 


Sorry it's kind of short I might update again later, or tomorrow!  Comment and tell me what you think! By the way I'm Cassidy and this is my first story so if you have any tips for me to be a better writer let me know! 

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