Last First Kiss(Harry Styles FanFic)

Ava is a 20 year old girl who lives with her best friend Bree and Brees brother Decs. Ava gets offered a job in Auckland to interview celebrities.
The first day she started she interviewed Rihanna but then her life changed...forever...


1. Prolude

Hi my name is Ava Watson and I'm twenty years old. My story begins when I'm at home hanging at the flat with my best friend Bree and her brother Decs in the lounge playing Wii sports. Bree and I have known eachother since we were thirteen. Decs I've known for the same period however in that time I had developed a crush on him. Bree and I were in the kitchen listening to the radio when my phone started to ring. It was a private number so I answered it... "Hello...Ava speaking" They answered "Hi, it's Vicky Nichols. I was just wondering if you still wanted a job with our recruitment agency?" "I do...soo much" "Then I will see you in my office in October" "Oh my god thank you soo much" After that I hung up the phone and was screaming soo loud that Decs came running in the kitchen... "What happened?" "I'm moving to Auckland for my new job" "When is that, exactly?" I could see Decs was disappointed by what I said but I don't why "October I start so late November" As the months went on it was November in no time and I had only three days to go until I had to leave I was in my room sorting the last of my things at the flat when Decs came into my roo "Do you mind if we could talk?" Decs had never wanted to talk while Bree was at course before so I replied "Sure" I moved the stuff on my bed to the floor then Decs came and sat next to me "I've been thinking and yo don't have to leave" I was a bit thrown back by what he said so I said "Why do you say that?" What Decs said next was something I didn't expect "Ava...I love mean soo much to me. The last couple of months have been amazing...I'll miss you" I put my hand on his face and made Decs look at me. I was thinking he had really bad timing when I looked into his eyes, I said back to him "Why now Decs? Why not before?" Decs just shrugged his shoulders so I put my legs on either side of his hips so I was kneeling on the bed. When he was craddling me in his arms I hugged him then when I pulled away slowly I looked into his chocolate coloured eyes and kissed him. All my censors ignited and he lifted me up, laid me on the bed so he was on top of me. I took off his top that revealed his muscled chest, abdomin and biceps. One thing led to another and we slept together but as we were lying there Decs said to me "Ava...can you promise me something?" I looked at him and said "What?" "Promise me that you won't fall for anyone while you're gone" "Decs...I can't promise that...I mean what if I really like them?" "Just promise me...please" I looked at him and I could see he was hurting so I agreed but I knew that I would regret it later It was time for me to go and Bree broke out in tears before I left so I told Decs that he had to look after her, then told Decs that I'll always love him.
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