Last First Kiss(Harry Styles FanFic)

Ava is a 20 year old girl who lives with her best friend Bree and Brees brother Decs. Ava gets offered a job in Auckland to interview celebrities.
The first day she started she interviewed Rihanna but then her life changed...forever...


3. Night Out With Rihanna

When we arrived at the club it was packed but Ri had her bodyguard with us. When Riri and I got to our booth they played her song Shut Up And Drive. The mc then annouced her presence in the club "Everyone give a big welcome to the celeb in the house...Rihanna!" The crowd went mental and everyone started dancing to her song. "I'll be right back...I've got some other friends coming. They'll be here in a minute" With that she left and I was sitting alone in the booth by myself. It was about two minutes later when I heard a guy with a british accent. "Excuse me?" I turned my head and saw five gorgeous looking guys standing there but...they weren't just any guys they were One Direction. "No way...I knew you guys were in New Zealand but not here" "Rihanna got hold of us and invited us out" Niall said The boys sat down around the booth, the bromancers Harry and Louis sat on my left but Zayn, Niall and Liam sat on my right. Louis P.O.V "So what's your name?" I asked the girl next to Harry...she replied shyly "Ava...Watson" "Well Ava Watson it's nice to meet you" I put my hand for her to shake and when she did her hand was really soft "How did you and Rihanna meet?" Harry asked "I met her this morning in an interview" Ava replied shyly again but this time it was a different shy "Do you mind if I can get out... see what's holding Ri up" Ava said Harry and I let her out and as soon as Ava was out of sight Niall said "She's hot...and pretty" Nialls P.O.V As soon as Ava was gone I couldn't help but say to the boys "She's hot...and pretty" "Want to know if she's single too?" Zayn said sarcastically "It wouldn't hurt..." "If you want I'll go ask her" Liam said a little too eager "No...I will" Harry said and left before any of us moved Harrys P.O.V I don't know why but when I saw Ava I had to get to know her more. She seems different to the other before any of the others could move I left and now that I see her at the bar it makes my feelings are more clearer about her "Ava..." She turned around and smiled but I'm just hoping that it's because it's me. When I looked in her eyes I knew she was happy to see me because they lit up "Harry...hey...I'm sorry about leaving before" Ava said in the most...I can't even explain "It's Niall wants to know if you're single" I was extremly happy about what she said next "I would tell you if it was you wanting to know" I replied "Believe it or not...I do want to know" "Then yes I am" Ava said that and laughed...I had never heard a laugh as sweet as that. For some reason I have a sudden urge to kiss baby soft lips. When I looked at her I could see I got caught staring at her lips. " Avas P.O.V Was Harry literally just staring at my lips? As I was thinking that I saw Rihanna behind Harry "There you two are...I see you met Harry" Rihanna said it like she knew I liked him. I replied to her "Yeah...I was just about to ask Harry if he wanted to dance" I looked at Harry and he was a bit taken a back to what I said but he said "Sure" And we went onto the dance floor then danced until Ri and the others were ready to go. So we left...the boys and Rihanna took me home but Harry was the one who walked me to the door, he said "I had a good night tonight" I happily replied "Me's a bummer I won't see you again" Harry put his hand on the left side of my face and said "Bummer...can I kiss you then?" I smiled and laughed then said "Okay" too excitedly.
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