Last First Kiss(Harry Styles FanFic)

Ava is a 20 year old girl who lives with her best friend Bree and Brees brother Decs. Ava gets offered a job in Auckland to interview celebrities.
The first day she started she interviewed Rihanna but then her life changed...forever...


2. First Day At New Job

I'm driving to work in my car and I'm listening to Thank You by MKTO. Half-way through the song my phone was Bree "Hi Bree...what's up?" I said over the speaker "I just rang to say good luck today and I want you to rong me later with all the details" Bree said rather excitedly I replied "Alright...I have to go I'm just about at the agency" We said our good-byes then when I arrived I went into the underground carpark...parked my car and went into the elevator to reception. When I got there I walked upto the lady behind the desk and asked to see Vicky Nichols. We went to Vickys office then knocked on the door...Vicky replied "Come in!" As I walked into her office the walls were a burgendy red and the carpet was white but the furniture was wooden. The desk was wooden so was the coffee table that was in the corner of the room with two silver velvet sofas " must be Ava Watson...have a seat" I took a seat on the silver leather chair infront of the wooden desk "You look nervous...don't be. As you know I'm glad to hire someone like you because you're young and beautiful but also because I can tell you'll have fun with the job I'm going to be assigning you."I was thinking...I wonder what the job was so I asked her..." What job is that exactly?" She replied rather excitedly " you know Rihanna is here in New Zealand and I want you to interview her..." "Are you seriours? I would love that, oh my god thank you" "You're welcome, now go to this address and show the receptionist this card. She'll take you to Riris room then ask Ri these questions. Got it all" "I think so...I'm soo excited" I can't believe I'm going to interview thee Rihanna. I drove to the hotel and there is heaps of fans outside. I walked into reception, showed them my card and the lady took me to Rihannas room. When we arrived I had to wait a minute then I could go in. Rihanna was wearing skinny jeans with a black singlet and a long gold necklace that was absolutely beautiful. I introduced myself and who I worked for...I was soo nervous that I thought I was going to faint "So Rihanna...first of all welcome to New Zealand and may I say I'm a big fan but my dad loves you" "It's good to be here" "Are you surprised at how fast your tickets sold out within hours of going on sale?" "Yes, but at the same time I'm truly blessed that my fans here are still into my music. I owe it to them considering I haven't been here since...for a long time" "We still love you, can you say your fans expect something bigger in this gig than all previous shows?" "It's going to be huge...I just hope my fans every moment as much as me" Rihanna answered my questions and we finised up the interview she asked me "Ava, how old are you?" "I'm twenty...why's that?" I was a little curious as to why she wanted to know that, she said "Do you know any clubs here?" "I can't say I do. I only just moved here myself" I couldn't believe it...she wanted to know good clubs...she then asked "If I can find you want to come?" That's when my heart stopped, Rihanna wanted to hang out with me so of course I said "I'll love too" "Can I have your number?" I gave her my number and she gave me hers. After that though I left and went back to the office to only Vicky in the office. She met me at my desk and want to know how it went. I told her it went really well, not telling her of course about Rihanna inviting me out. I handed Vicky the tape with the interview on it and left for home. As I arrived home my phone rang "Hello...Ava speaking" "'s Rihanna" "Oh hey, what's up?" I couldn't keep the excitment out of my voice "I found a club...get changed, we're going out kay..." "Okay..." "What's your address? I'll pick you up" I gave her my address then about an hour later she arrived at my house.
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