P.O.I (Person Of Interest)

I am Helen, well I was Helen, and then something happened. Something weird, something traumatizing, something mysterious. Follow my journey to find out how i solved the biggest investigation of all time.


1. The Morning

I could hear the rhythmic beeping of the machine next to me and the pattering of peoples feet constantly going up and down. Yet I was unable to move, unable to speak. The day of the accident was on infinite replay in my head and it felt like I was reliving the morning I woke up, my day at school, the accident - Everything.

I'd woken up to my maid, Samira, ripping open the curtains in my room

"Helen!, Helen, Wake up!"

The bright morning sun peeped through the gaps, shining into my eyes.

"Helen, Wake Up, You'll be late for cheer practice!".

I groaned as I pulled the cover over my head. Last night's party had scarred me with the most agonizing headache ever known to man. As head cheerleader I was obliged to attend but I had made the common mistake of consuming more alcohol than my body mass.

There was a taunting silence and I'd believed that I had won the first battle of the morning. I sunk into my pillow and held onto the last few minutes I had in the comfort of my own bed.

Without warning, my cover was swiftly thrown across my room, landing in the corner. I screamed as the cold morning air infected my skin. I looked up to see a smirking Samira standing with her hands crossed across her chest entertained by my reaction.

"Are you trying to kill me woman?" I questioned, reluctantly getting up from the bed.

"Yes", she replied, straight faced.

I kissed my teeth and greeted her good morning as I trotted of to the bath room. I was out in under an hour, dressed in my cheer kit, make up done and smelling like heaven.

The scent of pancakes drifted up my nose and I followed it down the stairs and into the kitchen. Samira was sliding around the kitchen getting my lunch ready and smiled as she saw me.

She slide a plate down the work top as I sat down to eat. The sweet smell of maple syrup and fruity strawberries engulfed my senses as I dug in to my breakfast.

"Where's Mum and Dad?" I asked as I swallowed a large lump of pancake.

"They've already left for work but your mother told me to remind you that they are picking you up for dinner after you cheer competition today", Samira replied.

I nodded as I squashed another spoon of pancakes in my mouth.

Samira is 39 and works at my house as a part time job. She wears a head scarf as she is a Muslim, but she is the coolest person ever. She has worked with my family for 17 years - Since I was born. I think she is more of a mum to me than my actual mother. My Father and her are always working and I hardly ever see them.

I placed my plate in the sink and Samira handed me my duffel bag and ushered me out of the house with a kiss on the forehead.

"Make sure you win the competition pumpkin, I know you will !".

I raced out of the door to meet Danny. He was leaning on his bright red moped with his fitted leather jacket and Gucci sunglasses. He grinned as he saw me and threw me a helmet.

Danny is my boyfriend, football quarterback, captain and the hottest boy in the school. His father owned half the town and was the scariest man in the entire town.

He was the schools bad boy with the most feared dad so he got straight A's from all his teachers despite his attendance to lessons being lower than 50% a year. He might look good but school definitely wasn't his strong point.

"Morning Hun" He greeted, "Morning Samira", He shouted slightly louder.

I turned around to see Samira peeping through a curtain, she yelled her reply and hide back behind it.I laughed and sung my leg over the motorbike and carefully slid on my helmet. The cool morning breeze brushed agaisnt my legs. Danny parked the motorbike as we entered into the school carpark and he joined his friends and I joined my girls.

I was greeted by a screeching voice.


It was Shannon, my best friend since primary school. She was loud, vain and such a drama queen. You either lover her or hate her, most people - the latter. She was accompanied by Jerri, Selena, Marian, and Jasmine. They were all part of the cheerleading squad and we were the schools hottest chicks.

"Yeah, I know, I had so much fun, where did you disappear to?" I replied half-heartedly. We really needed to get to cheer practice.

Jerri shot in;

"Well, she went off with some guy and she only got home this morning, so you can guess where she's been .."

Everyone except Shannon, broke out into heaps of laughter. She rolled her eyes and stalked off towards the gym changing rooms and we followed after her. Cheer practice was intense as we had out championship cheer off after school. To make matters worse Coach D made us run fifty laps as we were three minutes late.

I got changed and put on my navy fitted school blazer and my navy pleated skirt. It took me 20 minutes to re-apply my make up then I made my way to first period. Maths. Today was going to be a long day.

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