P.O.I (Person Of Interest)

I am Helen, well I was Helen, and then something happened. Something weird, something traumatizing, something mysterious. Follow my journey to find out how i solved the biggest investigation of all time.


3. The Evening

I shook violently as I soul-lessly pointed out of the rear window of the limo. The body guards shouted something, but everything slowed down as suddenly there was a rapid beeping noise that cued a large explosion.

My head spun with the limo as we collided into another vehicle. The sound of police cars and fire truck filled the air like an annoying nursery rhyme. The explosion rung in my ears and I could feel the blood dripping from one of the many wounds that camouflaged my body. Another explosion vibrated though the air. My body dwindled as smell of fuel stained my nose. Sweat dripped from the sides of my head and the whole of my body rapidly became sticky as the fire from the burning metal around me became hungry. The excruciating pain in my legs was building its way up to my head and my mind was gripping on to the last bit of hope left in me.

“Mum!, dad?” I screamed.

There was no answer.

I could just make out men shouting into their radios, their lame attempt at being hero's. They were trying to save me from this dreaded death that was fast approaching.

My mind was going berserk as my conscience threw questions into my mind. ‘Was my life worth living?’ ‘Where am I going after I die?’ ‘ Is even  there a God?’

I was contemplating starting to pray to all the God I could think of as another explosion tore though the air. My mind finally lost its grip of reality and I fell into the comforting darkness of nothingness.

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