P.O.I (Person Of Interest)

I am Helen, well I was Helen, and then something happened. Something weird, something traumatizing, something mysterious. Follow my journey to find out how i solved the biggest investigation of all time.


2. The Afternoon

Everything in my mind is so dark, so when the bright flashes of the past appear, I welcome them,  forgetting the treacherous ending that always occurs.

I was back at the cheer competition after the worse day in school. An F- in maths and a detention tomorrow for chewing gum. Seriously?..The cheer competition was in a near by stadium in Dover. We were welcomed by the loud school band and we performed to our highest standard. Everyone cheered as we ended our performace with massive sparklers. 

"And the winners of the 2013 Cheerleading Championships are... The  Dane High Cheerers!"

I still can't believe we won, even though we were the hottest girls there, the standard was so high.

"Who's up for the after party?" Shannon asked as we made our way to the school coach.

It was dark and the car park looked very deserted. Now that I think back, I could feel somebody's presence watching me, following me.

"Nah, I don't think I can go, my parents are picking me up for ...",

I had'nt even finished my sentence when an extravagant stretch limo turned into the car park- My Parents. OH, I'd forgotten to mention, I was dirty rich. Well, My parents were.The whole team tried to look unimpressed but you could see the sheer and utter look of jelousy in their eyes. Coach D congratulated us and then I said goodbye to the team and made my way to the car.. well limo.

"Hey Richard" I greeted as i neared the limo. He was my father's personal butler, and the most loyal.

"Hello Miss Barker" He replied as he open the door for me to enter.

I jumped in and the door shut behind me. My parents sat across from me. My smile dropped as I analysed the look on thier faces.

Pure and utter fright. 

 "Mum, dad? What's up?" 

I looked at them. I was confused and scared about the answer that was to be voiced.

My dad was the first to reply.

"Honey, you’re going to have to leave school and we are going to have to move to London”

He had a pained look on his face and his eyes - grave. I prayed for a sign of banter in eyes and failed. He continued;

"There are people, bad people, after us and  ..."

"Don't scare her Tom, she doesn't need to know" my mother chipped in.

"No, Dad carry on, I want to know  ...” But really I didn't. The thing that would force my family and I to move all the way to London must be worse than I could possibly comprehend.

"There are people after us - bad people. They want our money and have been threatening us for the past 6 months. We thought at first it was just a joke or just useless kids being rebels, but then our headquarters in Dubai was blown up this afternoon. And that's where I was meant to be today. They are targeting us and I know they are close".

My mother took over;

"So we have to move now honey...”

The limo started up at a very high speed. I was left to sit by myself as the limo filled up with the constant, high-speed bickering of my father on the phone to the police and my mother talking to the 3 body guards that were sat around us.

Why was my family being targeted by this supposed terrorist group, why did they hate us so much, How would I contact my friends, When would I see them again, and finally why was there a black truck behind us that had been following us since we exited the car park?




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