Painfully Myself (Kidnapped)

Was this a dream? was that voice in my ear an angel? or was I dead? It was all just a blur. But then I remembered some of it. I was in a strange room with no color to it. Then I head loud.... HEAVY.... footsteps. The door slowly opened...


2. chapter 2.

I wake up. Joey is still in my arms asleep. I look at the clock. 7:30. I let my head fall back onto the pillows and pull up the covers because it was freezing in the room. After a few minutes Joey is up and pounces on top of me.

"Shhh! I don't want them to know about you!"

"Okay ill behave" he said. I was really shocked!

"D d-did you j-just t-talk...?" I said trying not to studder.

"Yeah, and I like you Clarrie! Your my new human!" He said and came closer. I held him in my arms and quietly whispered

"don't let them know you can talk. and I don't wanna know why. OK?"

"OK Clarrie!" He said and licked my face.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!  Niall walked into the room and placed a tray on the dresser. When he turned around his smile faded. He saw joey.

"Wucha got there?"

"A puppy. I found him yesterday when I got clothes out of my closet. His name is Joey and you are NOT taking him away from me." I snapped at him. He smiled again.

He grabbed some bacon fro off the tray and handed it to me. I broke it in half and gave some to Joey. I ate the rest. He licked my hand as if to say thank you. Niall just sat there smiling and staring at me.

"What?!??!?!" I said. His smile grew.

" You haven't figured it out yet have you?"

"Figured what out?" His smile went from happy to evil in the blink of an eye. He started to scare me. I pulled joey closer to me.

"Your never leaving us" I herd someone say in the door way. It was Harry.

"We need you." He smiled evilly at me too.

To be honest, I really wasn't scared.

"Oh so that you can drain my blood? Or for taking ur dog?" I said snapping back at him.

"Seems like you got the giff of it." Niall said as Harry closed the door and made his way over to were Niall was. I got out of bed and slowly walked backward to the bathroom.

"Com'on. It wont hurt That bad. You'll just feel a little pinch." Harry said moving towards me.

"Hell Fucking No!" I said slamming the door in his face and locking it. But it soon burst open. Harry's once green eyes were now red along with Niall's. They walked towards me backing me into the corner. I felt Joey slip away and bash out and hide under the bed. Soon all I felt was terror. I was in a strange place, with vampires and absalutly no were to run.

"Please? We haven't eaten in a while and your blood smells so sweet."Niall said grabbing my wrists and pinning me to the corner. He started to kiss my neck. I was so scared. Then I felt his fangs. They went straight into my neck. That's when I started to cry. He gulped down my blood. Then when he was done he licked my neck and the open cuts he made were gone.

"My turn." Harry said and grabbed my wrist sinking his teeth in. Tears came down harder than before now. Soon he did the same and there was no evidence of a vampire bite.

"See now was it that bad?" Niall said.

"Y-y-yes." Was all I could get out before I hit the floor and fainted.


A/N: Hey everyone! I was thinking of going in this type of direction. So leave a comment telling me if you like it! More chapters are coming! Get the word out about this please! ~~~ Corrin xoxo

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