Painfully Myself (Kidnapped)

Was this a dream? was that voice in my ear an angel? or was I dead? It was all just a blur. But then I remembered some of it. I was in a strange room with no color to it. Then I head loud.... HEAVY.... footsteps. The door slowly opened...


1. Chapter 1.

"WAKE UP! Or the demon will kill you!" That's all I heard when I woke up on the floor of an old house. To be honest it looked like the one were you find dead bodies and a ghost. I looked around. I was the only one there. "HIDE!"  I heard the voice saw is a loud whisper. It sounded like a girl around 12 or 13. My age. But there was nobody. Then I heard footsteps coming down the staircase. I got up and tried to run but my sneaker's laces made me trip. My light blue jean shorts got all full of dust along with my white American flag tank top. My long curly hair made it impossible to see were the hell I was because it was in my face. I got up pushed my hair back and saw him. The demon. My own personal demon. I heard the voice again " I told you to hide!!" This time it sounded a bit evil.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOWN HERE!? I THOUGHT I HAD THEM LOCK YOU IN YOUR ROOM!" That's it. I knew who it was instantly. Four dark figures came after him. He walked towards my I could see it in his eyes. Anger, stress, betrayal , sadness , and the most odd thing of all , love.

I felt his had on my arm. His strength. It couldn't be! I know I wasn't , but it was! Zayn Malik. He pushed me up the stairs to my "room". He shoved me inside and then...

"Zayn what the hell go to bed!" I heard an Irish voice say. It was Niall I looked at him and he came over and grabbed me out of Zayn's hands. "I'll take it from here." He said to said to Zayn. His beautiful blue eyes were glisoning. He led me to a room that was uderly blank. A bed, Dresser, closet, and a bathroom. that was all.

"Youll be staying here. You have everything youll need and ill be back in the morning with you breakfast. Get a shower and go to bed." He said then he closed the door and walked over to me.

"Im so sorry about him. He's Drunk." He whispered to me. "Good Night Clarissa." He said with an evil smile, then left.

I found that a little odd. I walked toward the dresser, grabbed some underwear and a bra. Then I walked over to the closet and grabbed an over sized shirt with a pair of shorts. the I saw something in the corner of the closet. I turned on the little light and saw a little chocolate brown ball of fur. I slowly bent down. It turned it's head to me and I saw big brown eyes stairing at mine. A puppy. I started to slowly started to pet it's back. In no time I was on the floor with him in my lap.

"well you don't have a color, so ill call you Joey." I said and I could see a change in his mood. he suddenly looked happy. I picked him up and when into the bathroom.

I placed him in the tub and he stood there looking at me like I was some crazy person. I put my clothes on the toilet and started to run warm water. After I gave Joey a bath I wrapped him in a towel and placed him in the sink.

"Stay!" I say and he just looked at me like ' Ok bro, whatever you say'

I got my shower and put my clothes on, grabbed joey and went into the bedroom. I got under the covers and snuggled closely to Joey. He made me feel safe and almost happy. Like there was hope that both of us would get out of here alive.


A/N: Hello my lovelies should I continue , Aliyah you don't count you can just tell me in school! LOL I forgot the paper that I had everything written on! So IMPROV! Yeah but let me know in the comments!

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