A New Life Part 1

Leslie's life has been a neverending rollercoaster. All she wanted was to be happy. Her parents are never there to listen or talk due to work and constant traveling. Her friends are the only people that understand her tough life. But all of that changes when she has to move to boring -old England. She was used to moving but never out of country. She is devastated and angry at her parents,but all she can do is nothing. Once again everything changes when she meets one of the guys at her new school, she feels like she can breathe again.


1. Author's Note/Intro

A/N: Hello guys!! Welcome to my very first fan fiction!! I want to say that i hope you will read this because i know someone will read(Awkward). Anyways... i might not get on as much as the the other authors but my name is Leslie ( hint hint!)and...idk really what else to say!! And before i forget i will be taking in some ideas for some of the chapters and some characters for this story. All you need to do is put your name and description Sorry if I'm annoying :-)-Leslie
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