The Truth

The truth about me and I don't understand why he did it still to this day. This made me cry while writing it. Hope you like it.


1. The Truth

The truth needs to be heard

In order for me to tell you

I have to tell you the truth

The truth about what happened to me

When I was just 4 years old

The truth is that I got raped by my brother

Who I thought loved and cared for me

But I guess he never did

The truth is that I got abused by my brother

I don't know why he did this

The truth is I get bully at school

I try to stand up for my self

But I guess I'm too weak to stand up for my self

The truth is I'm suicidal

I never told any one the truth about me

The truth is don't judge me

Before you walk a mile in my shoes

And see what a bad life I've had

The truth is I fake a smile everyday

Just to make you happy

The truth is I fake the laughing everyday

The truth is I'm broken inside

And you don't know that

The truth is my friends think I'm okay

But I'm not really okay

But dying inside

The truth is my family thinks everything at school is okay

But its not okay

The truth is already out there

Waiting to be heard

Waiting to be free

Waiting for someone to care

Waiting for someone to take action

One day the truth will be heard....

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