The Undead - A Harry Styles Fanfic

It’s the beginning of the end. The apocalypse is at hand and a virus has broken out over the entire nation leaving few survivors. What happens when Autumn, one of the few survivors, has to fight her way to survive? Will she be able to concur the problems she’ll face and what will happen when she meet a curly haired singer? Read to find out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to suggest the real Harry Style’s opinions, feelings, or personality. I am only using him as a character of my imagination and am only referencing his place in society and his appearance.


2. The Undead

It’s finally Friday. If I had known college was going to be this hard I wouldn’t have signed up for it. Seriously why do we need to know calculus I will NEVER use it in real life. I stare at the clock tapping my pencil as Mr. Burke blabs on about something uninteresting about variables. The class took place in a large lecture hall and I was seated in the middle, it was the hardest place to be noticed so I could sit in peace without the teacher asking me questions.

My best friend Sam is seated beside me doodling Mr. Burke yelling at the class. I suppress a giggle. She looks up and glares at me jokingly, her crazy curly brown hair framing her face. I stick my tongue out and mouth an insult about her drawing. She gives a fake offended look and flicks me off. Suddenly the bell rings. Sam gets up collecting her books and I do the same.

“What time does your plane leave?” She asks me as I get up.

“In exactly two hours and twenty minutes!” I check my watch and smile.

“Well you better get goin girl!” She laughs.

I wave goodbye as I run to my bike. Slinging my bag on my shoulder I mount the bike and ride the short distance to my apartment. I wave a quick hello to the doorman as I jog up the stairs pulling my sweatshirt off as I go. I quickly got dressed in my black jean short shorts, a light blue tank top, and my dark jean vest. I slip on my combat boots, grab my duffle, and am out the door in five minutes. I lock the door but leaving off the alarm so Sam doesn’t set it off later. Once I finally hailed a taxi I slipped in my earphones pulling my blonde hair into a messy bun.

The drive was longer than usual and I started to doze off before I saw the LAX sign in the background. I am finally going to visit home! I haven’t been back in so long! It’s my freshman year in college so I don’t get a chance to go home much because of all of my crazy classes. Home for me is in Vancouver. I know LA seems like a random place but I just always have loved the busyness and the fact that it’s LA!

The taxi jolts throwing my neck forward and I am pulled out of my thoughts to see that we had arrived at the terminal. Stupid taxi drivers that don’t know how to drive. I shudder as I imagine the car flipping because of his carelessness. The taxi guy finally stops and I make my way towards my gate I make my way through security towards my gate bumping into people as I go. LAX is always so crowded.

I walk for what seems like forever passing through a bunch of shops. I see a restaurant, a Brookston, and a cooking supply shop. Why would someone need cooking supplies in an airport like really! I finally see my gate ahead so I quicken my pace.

Sitting down in one of the black seats I grab my iPod and blast music tuning out the airport around me. I look around at the many people around me, all of them doing their own thing. Half way through a song, I see a bunch of people gathering around the TV on the ceiling, some covering their mouth in horror and others laughing. I read the headline of the news story, which says, “Is the Zombie Apocalypse at Hand?” and a bunch of weird pictures of people covered in blood with red eyes walking around killing people. I take my earphones out and listen to what the reporter is saying.

“…all over the world. No one knows what is causing this phenomenon but it has become widespread! No one is Safe!”

One of the guys beside me starts to laugh and says, “You all can’t really believe this? It is obviously a prank!” For some reason this reassures people and they go back to doing what they are doing. I shrugged and grabbed my phone but not before hearing a blood curdling scream hit the air.

I jumped dropping my iPod and whipping around. One woman, who was standing watching the TV, was looking at two people with her mouth covered in horror backing away slowly. Picking up my phone and placing it in my bag I sling it around my shoulder, making my way towards the scene.

The two figures were two men. One was biting the others neck as he cried out in pain, his blood dripping to the ground. Most people remained still too stunned at the situation to do anything. Finally another man ran over to the two and tried to pry them apart. The attacker swiveled towards the new man biting his neck and pulling him to the ground. The originally injured man started to cough up blood and then collapsed. The screaming lady, who must have been his wife, ran over to him and sobbed on his chest while the creature continued, what I can only describe as, eating the man. Suddenly the dead man sprang awake his eyes opening to reveal red bloodshot eyes, which rolled to the back of his head.

“Bob?” The woman asked wiping her tears. The man turned to his wife pausing, staring at her for a moment before he leaned forward and started to eat her as well, causing her to scream. The other man suffered a similar fate, following the creature’s example and started to attack people. Chocking back a scream I began to back away.

What the hell is going on what is happening who were those men? Why did the woman’s husband turn on her like that? Suddenly the airport around me erupted. It was chaos. People were screaming and running but it was a virus. When someone new was bitten they became a creature too, which only caused more of them to be created. It reminded me of that game that I played as a child. Everyone would hide but one person and slowly as everyone is found they help the original seeker, all of them aiming their focus to a single target. Staying against the wall I watched as more people were eaten and then rose from the dead. People killed their companions and families and soon the world turned into every man for themself. Children wandered around with lulling mouths and bloody eyes even more bloodthirsty then the adults.

Staying quiet I could hear the blood in my ears begin to pound and my breath became heavier as I leaned against the wall in fear. Looking around I could see two of them turn to me.  I continue to try to stay silent but they set their slow movements towards me their non-existent eyes setting course to me. There is that feeling that I get in dreams sometimes where scary creatures make their way towards me and I can’t move or do anything. I always thought that was just the effect of a dream but as the walked towards me I realized I couldn’t do anything. They had almost reached me now and my brain still wasn’t working. Suddenly one of them touched me and my brain went into overdrive. I screamed and began to run, my legs finally working and registering in my brain. The creatures were slow but they followed my path exactly a few more of them joining in the hunt. I ran back the way I came towards security but even more of them were flowing in from that direction. My heart was beating in my chest and I could feel the adrenaline pumping as tears slowly made their way down my face.

Stopping in the middle of the walkway I looked around trying to find an exit. There was so much destruction going on. Blood was everywhere. Smoke was rising up from overturned machines and people were screaming as they were devoured. The undead were coming closer and closer as they backed me into the kitchen supplies store. I ran in there as quickly as I could without making much noise.

It was quiet and it seemed to be empty, everyone having run away. Shelves were overturned and various utensils were thrown around. I scrambled under a shelf and started to sob attempting to catch my breath. What the hell is going on? This seriously cannot be real. This isn’t real life. Zombies only exist in movies. I was going to die. I was only 19 someone shouldn’t die at 19. I tried to soothe my thoughts as sounds of horror echoed through the walls.

I didn’t have a long time to think as I heard a clang of pots. Looking up I watched as the zombified shopkeeper made her way towards me. I was cornered and there was no place to run. I guess this is goodbye world. I let out a silent sob as she closed in on me. Looking around desperate for a weapon I reached onto the shelf grabbing the first thing to touch my hand. It was a frying pan. I put both hands on the handle as she lunged for me and I screamed knocking the pan down on her head. I screwed my eyes shut waiting for her attack but all I felt was liquid splatter across my face and body. Opening my eyes slowly I could see blood splattered everywhere and the shopkeeper collapsed on the ground in a tangle of limbs.

I waited a couple of minutes just standing there as my heart beat wildly. She didn’t move again. I could see her blood pooling on the floor revealing I had done much more damage then I meant to. At least I knew how to kill them now. Knock them on the head. Tears streamed down my face, as I understood what I had just done, killed someone.

I looked around the shop looking for witnesses but instead falling to a box of knives on the floor. I was wrong this is the apocalypse this is real life I had just committed murder and the world fell apart along with my morals. Before my mind could register what I was doing I had grabbed a couple of large knives with the covers still on them and stuck then through my belt loop. If the world was ending I was going to live as long as possible. Since I was going to hell I might as well enjoy what's left of the world and at least try to survive. I shouldered my duffle bag, frying pan in hand, and walked towards the entrance of the shop. I had to get out of there.



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