The Undead - A Harry Styles Fanfic

It’s the beginning of the end. The apocalypse is at hand and a virus has broken out over the entire nation leaving few survivors. What happens when Autumn, one of the few survivors, has to fight her way to survive? Will she be able to concur the problems she’ll face and what will happen when she meet a curly haired singer? Read to find out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to suggest the real Harry Style’s opinions, feelings, or personality. I am only using him as a character of my imagination and am only referencing his place in society and his appearance.


22. Redbury

A/N Thanks to everyone who entered the girlfriend contest! All of the entries were awesome and it was really hard to decide who to pair with who but hopefully y’all are all happy! So Niall’s girlfriend will be played by monkeygirl123, Zayn’s girlfriend will be played by Gypse girl, and Louis girlfriend will be played by Niall’sPrincessLover<3. So thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winners!!


“You’re Louis Tomlinson?” I asked shocked.

“The one and only.” He smirked and bowed.

I could see the other figures more clearly as they approached me. The other two guys I recognized as the other members of One Direction. One had dark hair, which was styled in a quif, and I remembered his name as being Zayn or something like that. The other guy was a little bit shorter than I remember Harry and his hair was messy too but cut shorter then Zayn’s. I remembered his name as Liam because he was Sam’s favorite. The two girls were both pretty and they seemed to be pretty good friends. Zayn had his arm around one of them, who had brown hair and brown eyes. The other one walked up to Louis and kissed him on the cheek. She had brown hair but it was lighter than the other girls because of the blonde highlights that ran through it.

“Hi I’m Kara.” She smiled at me and Louis wrapped his arm around her.

“Um, hi I’m Autumn and this is Dylan.” I smiled back.

“Autumn that’s a cool name.” Liam smiled at me walking up to Louis and Kara.


“I’m Zayn and this is Olivia.” Zayn stated walking up with the other girl.

“I know who you are.” I laughed.

“Oh a fan are we?” Louis smirked. I felt a pain in my gut as I remembered me and Harry exchanging the same conversation.

“Wow they really are friends.” I said under my breath.

“What?” Louis asked struggling to hear what I was saying.

“Nothing, and no I’m not especially my friend was a fan.” I felt the pain in my heart as I thought of Sam.

“Oh ok.” Louis replied.

“So we should probably take you back to the safe haven. It’s not safe out here.” Liam said looking around anxiously.

“Ok.” Dylan smiled. He was practically shaking and had been silent through this conversation, probably trying to keep in the fangirling or fanboying in this case. We started to walk back to Redbury and Liam started up a conversation with me.

“So how have you been surviving this long.” Liam smiled.

“Umm I’ve been moving a lot and I was working with my friend.”

“Well you’re obviously pretty smart the past two weeks have been bad out here.”

“Oh I was in the hospital for the past two weeks.” I replied.

“Which hospital? I heard a bunch of them were taken over.”

“Grace Memorial.” Dylan yelled over his shoulder as he was having a conversation with Olivia.

“Really?” Louis said enthusiastically.

“Ya why?” I asked.

“There’s a chance then!” Liam exclaimed.

“A chance of what.” Dylan asked confused.

“Our friend Harry has been depressed for the past couple of days because he left this girl there and it was taken over. He thinks she died and to be truthfully honest he was quite smitten with her.” Zayn said. Wait what. What. What. Harry was smitten with a girl at my hospital. Are they talking about me? Does Harry think I’m dead? I couldn’t imagine if he did I think it would kill me because thinking that he’s dead kills me.

“We’re here.” Liam smiled ushering me indoors. There were guards at the door with machine guns but I’m guessing the bus did a lot of work. The rest of the square was also barricaded off to prevent them from entering.

“Y’all took forever!” A girl exclaimed hugging Olivia and Kara.

“Ya you guys really did.” A boy responded. He had blonde hair and I recognized him as the last member of One Direction, Niall. He put his arm around the girl who must have been his girlfriend.

“Hi. I’m Julia.” The girl smiled.

“Hi.” I smiled back looking around the safe haven. The lobby of the Redbury had stayed intact except for the large mass of people who had convened for some reason. It was pristine, white, modern, and fancy. Wow this hotel just radiated expensive. Julia looked back over her shoulder at another girl talking to someone in the corner of the room. She had crazy curly red hair almost the color of Ariel’s from the little mermaid but the style reminded me more of Merida’s from Brave.

“Sam! Come and say hi.” The girl turned around and I met the eyes of my best friend.

“Holy shit you’re alive.” I yelled smothering my best friend in a hug. She screamed and hugged me back very girlily I should add.

“How’d you get here?” She asked still bouncing.

“What you really don’t believe in me I mean come on I’m the badass between us the better question is how did YOU get here?” I replied.

“Well…….” She giggled looking at Liam over her shoulder.

“Wait hold up! Y’all are dating?!”

“Come on you don’t have faith in ME to get a guy like come on Autumn I’m the more flirty one. Well it looks like you snagged one too.” She said winking at Dylan.

“What’s going on?” Liam asked walking over and putting his arm around Sam’s shoulder.

“Oh I was just telling Attie how amazing of a boyfriend you are.” She smiled giving Liam an eskimo kiss.

“No you’re a better girlfriend.” He smiled kissing her.

“Eww. Eww. EW! PDA alert. Stahhhppp.” I yelled causing them both to giggle and snuggle some more. Stupid lovebirds making me think of Harry. Where is Harry anyways?

“Hey have you guys seen Harry?” Louis asked Niall, Sam, and Julia. I guess I wasn’t the only one wondering.

“He’s still moping around.” Julia answered sadly. “He’s really broken up about that girl. He keeps saying he let her down.”

“Well according to Autumn there were some survivors seeing as she’s one.” Zayn spoke up.

“What! Really?” Olivia said excitedly.

“Ya I mean I don’t know how many. Who is this girl he’s freaking out over?” I asked.

“He won’t say, but guys we need to go find Harry and tell him.” Louis changed the subject. So much for answering that question, like who is this girl? Is it someone from the hospital that me met? Is it me? Oh god why do I want it to be me.

“Tell me about what.” A male voice spoke up.

“Harry!” Everyone exclaimed. Harry. A part of the weight on my shoulders lifted off seeing his face. He looked so tired and sad, like a puppy who was lost and alone. I just wanted to run up to him and comfort him.

“Harry there were survivors!” Louis yelled his excitement getting the best of them. All of his friends and the girls crowded around him blocking my view.

“What. How do you know that?” Harry asked seriously sounding sadder and more somber than usual.

“She told us.” Zayn answered pulling me forward. I looked up at Harry and met his eyes. The second he saw me his expression changed to shock then joy.

“Autumn.” Harry exclaimed before pulling me into a tight hug, burying me into his chest. I breathed him in and allowed myself a second to just appreciate Harry being here. “Oh my god I’ve been worried sick. I thought you died.” He whispered softly for only me to hear.

“What you thought you could get rid of me that easily?” I laughed.

“No. I knew you were too stubborn for that.” He laughed.

“Wait hold on, you two know each other?” Kara asked.

“Ya we worked together to get here.” Harry smiled putting his arm around me.

“What. What. What. What. What.” Sam said exuberantly. “Hold on. What. AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!”

“So she's the girl mate?” Louis asked Harry starting a private conversation as Sam was talking to me.

“Ya.” Harry blushed giving a small smile. I felt my heart soar. I was the girl. Why does this make me so happy. Because you like him. My subconscious quips. I guess I do. I’m kind of smitten with him too.

“You didn’t give me the chance.” I laughed.

“Wait you’re Sam as in her best friend Sam?” Harry asked.

“The one and only.” She bowed dramatically.

“It all makes sense now.” Harry said slowly.

“Ok guys lets give her the tour shall we.” Olivia suggested grabbing my arm and pulled me into the Redbury.

The group led me around and explained to me how the world worked here. There were three meals a day no snacks because they were trying to preserve food. They had a large garden on the roof that everyone had to take turns working. The defense team was people who worked here and everyone who was able and could take a turn had to, which meant me. Everyone had a room and a roommate and I got to share with Sam because Julia was rooming with Niall, so yay. Every door was barricaded off except for the front door and people were only allowed in if not infected and sane. The tour ended with the group bringing me back to the lobby.

“…and this is the lobby again where we have daily meetings to discuss the safe havens still running, the different farms that still run, and the status of our delivery personnel.” Olivia finished explaining. “You already missed the meeting today by literally five minutes so you don’t need to worry about that.” She smiled. I guess that explains all the people because the lobby was now empty. Apparently there was a lounge people hung out in but a lot of people just kept to themselves.

“It’s just about dinner time and I’m STARVING.” Niall said. The group laughed, apparently about some inside joke that I didn’t get, and we walked towards the dining hall. Dinner was pretty uneventful and everyone just talked about different people in the Redbury and other news stories I didn’t care about. Honestly I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. Once dinner was finished I went up to my room and lay down on the bed. Sam had gone to hang out with Liam so I was by myself for the first time in awhile. It felt weird to know I was safe and to feel safe. It felt almost normal which makes no sense in this crazy world. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” I called out.

“Hey.” Harry smiled walking in the room. I sat up on my bed and he sat at my feet, his feet dangling over the edge.

“What’s up?”

“I don’t know I just felt like I had to see you.” He answered after a moment of silence.


“I was so worried about you these past couple of days.” He said under his breath so quietly that I struggled to hear.

“Is that why you’ve been upset?” I asked. “You’re friends have been worried about you.”

“Ya.” He answered softly. “I just…I just kept seeing you as one of them and I blamed myself because I left you alone with no one and..” He trailed off a sad guilty expression on his face.

“Harry I’m fine.” I soothed him moving to sit beside him.

“Ya thanks to Dr. Herringer.” He said through his teeth.

“Who Dylan?”

“Yes Dylan.” He spat.

“Wait hold on. You’re jealous of Dylan? I asked.

“Yes! Of course I am. How can I not be you are both so obviously into each other.” He answered looking sad again. I couldn’t help but burst out into hysterical laughter receiving a confused look from Harry.

“He’s gay.” I said between laughs.

“What really?” Harry asked.

“Yes, obviously gay.” I laughed.

“Oh.” Silence filled the room again.

“Listen Harry…” I started to talk but I felt something soft touch my lips and I realized Harry was kissing me.

He started off soft but once I leaned in it became heated quickly. Our mouths started moving together and I felt his tongue on my lip asking for entry, which I gladly allowed. He pushed me down so that I was lying on my back and he hovered over me my hands tangled in his hair. I let one of my hands out of his hair and brought it to his chest running my hand down his abs causing him to groan my name. My body was burning for him and I felt like we were touching everywhere setting my skin ablaze. His hand moved down to my waist pulling me closer to him as I tossed his shirt over his head. It was magic and I could feel sparks and see fireworks. It was so cheesy I could’ve exploded but I didn’t care. I felt the heat between us and I knew Harry did too. I was kissing Harry this was happening and I couldn’t have been happier in that moment.

“Hey Attie do you….oh sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.” Sam walked in causing Harry to stop kissing me giving an annoyed look then looking at the intruder. Dammit Sam seriously.

“No umm it’s fine I was just umm going.” Harry said getting up and grabbing his shirt. “See you later Winters.” He smiled leaning in and kissing me softly then walking out the door. Sam and me watched him leave and he shut the door behind him.

“Seriously!” I yelled.

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