The Undead - A Harry Styles Fanfic

It’s the beginning of the end. The apocalypse is at hand and a virus has broken out over the entire nation leaving few survivors. What happens when Autumn, one of the few survivors, has to fight her way to survive? Will she be able to concur the problems she’ll face and what will happen when she meet a curly haired singer? Read to find out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to suggest the real Harry Style’s opinions, feelings, or personality. I am only using him as a character of my imagination and am only referencing his place in society and his appearance.


3. Harry

Slowly creeping to the edge of the shop I poked my head out of the shop, surveying the area. There were so many of them now, almost the entire airport had been turned! My mind had now gone onto into survival mode as I looked around thinking strategy and dark thoughts that I don’t ever want to think about. I couldn’t explain to myself how my brain was functioning let alone thinking what to do but for some reason watching them seemed top priority as I subconsciously watched them and strategically took notes about their downfalls. They walked with loose arms hanging weekly at their sides and their legs moved as a whole, not by the knee. Most of them were covered in blood and had the bloody eyes I noticed on the first few. They all walked in random directions, not really having a purpose or target. Some kept running into a wall making a thudding sound. The noise made a large group of them go quiet and I remained still so I didn’t draw attention but none made their way into the shop seeing me.

I scanned the area again and one looked right at me jumping I pulled back into the shop again. I sucked in a sharp breath and waited for it to come towards me. I put both hands on to the frying pan preparing to knock it out. I waited but after a minute or so it still hadn’t come in. Poking my head back out I could see it had turned and went in the other direction. How did it not see me? It looked me right in the eye and still didn’t come towards me. Looking back into the shop I found a cloth and grabbed it scrunching it into a ball in my hand. If they couldn’t see me could they see at all? They kept running into the wall originally making me think they were just stupid but maybe they’re blind. I threw the cloth out of the shop and it hit the ground without a sound. None of them noticed it fly by.

So they are blind then. The can smell obviously but not very strong. They followed me into the shop but I wasn’t being that loud was I? Come to think of it my boots make a loud sound when my feet hit the ground as I ran, so noise attracts them then. The screaming lady from earlier is what brought the creature towards her and the constant thud is what is causing the other one to run into a wall.  This may work to my advantage. If I’m quiet enough I should be able to sneak past now the real question is can they feel because if I bump into one with they notice. They obviously don’t feel pain as they are still ramming into walls. Idiots. Grabbing another dishtowel I threw it at one of them. It thrashed around blindly for a second but gave up quickly. So yes to touch but easily distracted.

I had to get out of here find shelter, find food, find people to help. It would be easier with a team to take them down. They are attracted to noise so fighting would attract more. A gun would be useful too so I could fight from far away but that seemed unlikely unless I could get home. I didn’t know who I could call for a team. My parents are in Vancouver as are the rest of my family and Sam’s the only person I truly trust here. So I guess Sam then even though I’ll be protecting her more then she will be helping. I pulled out my phone and called her but I wasn’t getting a dial tone. That means the cell towers are down or they are busy. Well shit then I have no idea how I am getting a hold of anyone. I guess I team up with survivors then.

I walked over to my duffle quietly slinging it over my shoulder and walked back to the door as I finally prepared to leave the sanctuary of the shop. I had to leave eventually. Looking to my left I slowly made my way to the right. Looking back over my shoulder I made sure none of them were following me. The moment I turned around I bumped into a body with a thud throwing me to the ground. I held back a scream readying my frying pan in attack. If I stayed low it would thrash and then walk away so all I had to do was remain out of its path.

The creature I hit also fell to the ground with a thud and I flinched preparing for more of them to come after. Looking back to the creature on the floor I found its eyes as it glared back. Wait glared back. His eyes were green and harsh as they stared back at me. He was a man a human man. I looked straight into his eyes in shock and then took in the rest of his features. He had brown curly hair that was swept away from his face and a strong jaw. After meeting my eyes his eyes softened in shock

“Wait! You’re human!” He stated rather loudly.

Large muscles strained as he stood above me now towering at about 6’. Taking him in completely I knew exactly who he was. Harry Styles. There was no doubt in my mind. My mouth opened even further in shock. I just ran into Harry frikin Styles LITERALLY! Ok. I am not like a massive One Direction fan but I mean I knew who they were and I mean come on. He’s FAMOUS! This situation just became 1000x more ridiculous. Shaking my head out of my daze I regained my focus. Standing up quickly I grabbed his arm and pulled him back into the shop protesting loudly the whole time.

“Hush they have an impeccable sense of sound.” I glared at him.

“Impeccable eh?” He chuckled. “That’s a big word coming out of a pretty girls mouth.” What. An. Ass.

“Really? Is that considered flirting because if it is you probably get slapped a hell of a lot.” I snapped.

“No trust me babe if I was flirting you wouldn’t be able to resist.” He winked at me. The first survivor I met and he’s possibly one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met. Even if he is hot. No he’s not, damn hormones. If the rest of the survivors are like this the zombies can eat me. I would gladly die.

“Ok sure big guy you can think that all you want if it boosts your testosterone.” I rolled my eyes making my way towards the entrance of the shop.

Sadly are talking match had attracted a guest and it made its way into the shop as I was walking out.

“Shit really.” I cursed under my breath. Looking over my shoulder Harry looked positively frightened which gave me a sick amount of satisfaction. This time killing the creature may be slightly rewarding. “Pretty girl” psh I’ll show him. Pulling out the pan I snuck up behind it and smacked it killing it instantly. Smirking back at Harry who looked flabbergasted I walked out of the shop. Barely making it out I felt a hand on my arm as I was pulled back into the shop by Harry.

“Do. You. Mind.” I snapped at Harry in a hushed tone as I pulled my arm out of his grip.

“How did you do that?” He asked quickly.

“Rocket Science.” I replied sarcastically.

“Tell me.” He smiled trying out his charm.

“I’m good.” I smirked bitchily. I will not have anyone telling me what to do.

“I’m Harry.”

“And I care why?”

“What’s your name gorgeous and because everyone should already know who I am but if they don’t they should.” He grinned cockily popping his dimples. I literally wanted to slap him so hard or push him into the zombies but sadly I’m not that mean.

“Autumn, I know who you are and yet I still don’t care.”

“Oh? A fan are we?” He asked cheekily ignoring my obvious I don’t care. God I just wanted to leave now before I ripped his head off.

“Nope. I just know who you are. I happen to not live under a rock.”

“Alright.” He smirked. “Well you going to tell me how to kill them.”


“Ok bye then.” He said rolling his eyes.

“Where are you going?” I asked. Where the heck does he think he’s going? Not that I care I just don’t want to watch someone else die.

“To find my friends.” He answered over his shoulder. I ran up to catch up to him grabbing his shoulder and spinning him around.

“You’re going to get hurt if you go alone.” I stated.

“Look Summer…” He started

“Autumn.” I corrected him.

“Autumn whatever. My friends are my top priority. I don’t have time to babysit some girl who got lucky.” He stated.

“Excuse me?” I said sassily. Never mind he can die. “I was not suggesting that we work together but never mind I really don’t care if another little, rich, pompous jerk who think they’re better than everyone else dies!” I turned and walked the other way. I almost considered staying to watch him die but he’s not even worth that much of my time. Exiting the shop I exhaled as the creatures had basically cleared out of the area.

“Hey wait!” Harry said running after me. I rolled my eyes and turned around. “You can’t just say that and walk away!” He said angrily.

“I can do whatever I want.” I said walking away again. He ran catching up with me.

“You don’t know me at all! You can’t just make assumptions like that.” He said. What the hell is his problem he literally called me weak because I am pretty.

“YOU can’t make assumptions like that. And besides I wasn’t making assumptions, just stating the obvious.” I corrected him.

“When did I ever make assumptions about you?” He scoffed. I turned around to look at him giving him the ‘you have got to be kidding me look’.

“Like two minutes ago!” I exclaimed.

“What did I say?” He asked obviously confused.

“You said, and I quote, ‘I don’t have time to babysit some girl who got lucky’. I am not some girl 1. 2, I don’t need babysitting I already killed one of them as you witnessed and I already know how they behave and how I can sneak past them. What have you done?”

“Tell me how to kill them.”

“I would tell you but you’re an ass. Sorry.” I said walking away again.

“Fine we can work together.” He huffed.

“Who said I wanted to work with you?” I asked. Seriously though when did I ever give him the impression I wanted to work with him?

“Look I’m sorry ok? I’m just worried about my friends. I didn’t mean to make assumptions or be a jerk.” He said looking sincere. Wow talk about making a 180 he’s probably bipolar.

“Ok.” I answered walking away.

“Wait don’t you forgive me?” He asked confused.

“No. Why should I? I don’t even know you and yet you were a jerk I have no reason to get to know you so why should I?”

“Well if we worked together we would.”

“Why should I work with you?” I asked.

“Because you and me are the only two around and you could always use some backup plus you don’t seem like enough of a bitch to let someone die.” He stated. Turning around I met his pleading eyes. I do need backup and he’s enough of a jerk I could use him as sacrifice if necessary.

“Fine.” I groaned.

“Really! Is that a yes then?” He grinned like a child on Christmas.

“Ya whatever.”

“Ok but let me get something straight.” He answered, looking at me straight on. “My friends come first. If I have to leave you to die because I have to keep going I will. If it’s a choice between them or you it’ll be them. Ok?” Yep definitely bipolar.

“Fine. Just expect the same from me.” I answered. If were both using each other I’ll feel even less guilty if he dies. He held out his hand to me and I looked at it confused before realizing he wanted to shake hands. Sighing I shook it making our new alliance official. Boy is this ever going to be an adventure.


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