Running For You

Ella and Gowan were a happy, perfect couple. Ella was a Peace Core volunteer, and Gowan was one of the best runners in the country. Then the bombing at the Boston Marathon changed all that.

As far as I know, there was no Ella or Gowan at the 2013 Boston Marathon, but there was a Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, and Lu Lingzi. They all lost their lives on April 15, 2013 while watching the Boston Marathon. This story is dedicated to all of them, and to their families. We miss you, we love you, and you will never be forgotten.


1. Ella

The crowd erupted in a chorus of cheers as the next group of runners crossed the finish line. Ella smiled as a girl ran to hug a runner who had just finished. Ella knew soon that would be her, running to her boyfriend, Gowan, for the first time in three months. Ella had just returned early from a mission trip in Mexico, and Gowan didn't know she was home yet. She could already see the look on his face as she came racing through the crowd to congratulate him. She watched as a little boy, no older than eight, pulled his younger sister through the crowd towards the finish line. Their mother chased after them, holding a small on her hip. She turned her attention back to the street. Any minute now, she'd see him coming around the corner. Another group crossed the finish line, and Ella momentarily turned her head to watch. The little boy she had seen earlier was racing out to hug his father, who had just finished the race. His sister was laughing giddily, and Ella smiled. Then she saw him. Out of her peripheral vision, she could see his bright magenta running shirt she'd given him last Christmas. She was positive no one else in the world would ever wear such a ridiculous shade of pink, it had to be him. 


BOOM. The joyous mood of the crowd turned to one of fear and confusion as people ran away. Ella looked around for what had caused the chaos, when another loud BOOM shook the stands. Her vision was filled with red, and she collapsed to the floor in pain. Debris and pieces of metal were flying through the air, and blood was covering the sidewalk she lay on. She tried to call out for help, but she could barely raise her voice above a whisper. Unbearable pain filled her entire body, and she felt tears running down her face. She couldn't stand, she knew that. Something had happened to her legs, but she didn't have the guts to look. Slowly and painfully, she pulled herself to the finish line. Bodies were everywhere, some missing limbs, others bleeding uncontrollably. Ella was forced fought the urge to throw up with each new body she passed. Then, the finish line came into her view. There, lying on the ground screaming was the little girl she had seen earlier, her leg completely severed off. A firefighter was rushing to help her, and another was lying a white sheet over a small body a couple feet away. A tiny hand stuck out from under the sheet, and that was all Ella needed to recognize the body. It was the little boy, and by the look on the firefighter's face, he was dead. That was were Ella realized what truly was going on. The marathon had been bombed, and she was a victim. She swallowed hard and forced herself to look at her legs. They were shredded to pieces, the feet missing from each. That was it, Ella threw up and suddenly collapsed into unconsciousness. 

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