Silent Dreams

This is a story about the love between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Harry wants to tell the world about their love, Louis doesn't agree. What looked as a simple fight turned out to be something much, much more...


2. Wake Up

     "G'morning lads," Niall said as he walked into mine and Lou's flat. He set down his guitar case, and looked around the living room at me, Zayn, and Liam. "Where's Lou?"

     "Sleeping," said Zayn with a yawn. "Which is what I should be doing."

     I shook my head. "I'll go wake him," with a sigh I rose from the couch, straightened my pajama bottoms, and tip-toed to Lou's bedroom.

     Using my knuckle I quietly tapped on the white wood door. I put my ear to the door, listening for any sound, and when I heard none I grasped the metal handle and twisted it. I opened the door to a master bedroom filled with clothes all over the floor, a poster of the Beatles, carrots, fan mail, and a bed filled with a sleeping Louis.

     I chuckled to myself as I saw sleeping beauty snoring away, cuddled up in his pale red sheets. His face was squished up against his pillow, and his light brown hair was all tussled up.

     Ever so quietly, I glided over to the open side of Lou's bed, and carefully pulled back the covers. Then, I slipped into the bed silently sliding next to Louis. It was only when I wrapped my arms around his waists that I noticed he wasn't snoring anymore. No more than 10 seconds later, I could confirm Lou was awake.

     "Hello Harry."

     I smiled to myself. "Hi Lou. I was sent to wake you, how'd I do?"

     With that , Louis flipped over on his other side to face me, and I removed my arm from his waist. He looked like a mess, but a perfect one. He lifted his arm up to my head and ran his fingers through my hair, while I watched him intently. His blue eyes sparkling, his cheekbones so high, and his thin, pink lips. Oh, how kissable they looked.

     He put his arm back down at his side. We looked into each others eyes, and I couldn't take it any longer. I stretched my neck out, put my hand on the back of his head and skimmed my lips over Lou's, teasing him. I brushed over his cheek with my lips, forcing myself to hold back until later. My eyes were closed as a smile spread across my face. Lou opened his eyes, then I did. I looked into his, and they were begging me to kiss him. I laughed and he smiled as he mouthed the word, "please." I giggled and smelled his soft hair, making my way down to his ear.

     "Tonight," I whispered. I felt the goosebumps on the back of his neck. I smiled and opened my eyes once more, sitting up. Louis watched me, turning over on his back. He put one arm across his bare chest, and the other arched over his head. I half-twisted around to look at my lover. He smiled and so did I.

     "The boys are downstairs," I said.

     Louis looked at me for a while, then took a quick breath and looked at the ground. He flung the covers back and swung his legs out over the side of his bed. I was suddenly real excited and I hopped out of the bed, and ran around to his side. I squeezed his face between my hands and pecked his lips quick. He beamed at me as I ran to the door, and backed  out of his room shutting the door, and laughing.


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