Silent Dreams

This is a story about the love between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Harry wants to tell the world about their love, Louis doesn't agree. What looked as a simple fight turned out to be something much, much more...


6. It's The End For Me

I rubbed my eyes. What had I done? Now Harry was mad at me. But how could he want to tell the world? Modest! was only trying to protect us.

     I decided I needed to talk to him, so I got up and walked inside. I walked past Niall, Zayn, and Liam. "Hey guys," I said, but didn't wait for a reply. I hopped up the stairs two at a time. I ran down the hall to Harry's room and knocked on his door. He didn't answer, which was what I expected. So instead, I opened the door myself. Inside, Harry was nowhere to be found.

     I shuffled my way back down the hall into my room, searching all over. I looked in the bathroom. I noticed something was missing. My pills from the doctor.

     I made my way back downstairs, nervous now, to where the boys were. "Where's Harry?"

     Niall looked at me. "I think the lad was headed for the park," Niall suggested. I grabbed my jacket from a chair, and rushed out the door. I didn't have time to get the car, so I just ran down to the park. I slipped my glasses and hat on when I reached the park.

     It looked like a massive group of people, with flashing lights. I lifted my sunglasses a little, to get a better look. My heart raced a little faster and I picked up my pace.

     As I got closer I realized the lights were police cars and ambulances. I threw my glasses off and sprinted full speed to the scene. I stood on my toes to try and see over the security guards. I forced my way against the big black man yelling, "That's my friend! Let me through!"

     I was fighting back tears as I pushed my way past the guard. What I saw made my blood run cold. Harry was lying on the grass surrounded by paramedics taking his pulse and pounding on his chest. There was an empty pill bottle at his fingertips, and his skin was pale and lifeless, his eyes were rolled back into his head.

     I let out a cry, and my knees buckled. Tears streamed down my face, and the security guard picked me up and threw me back into the yard.

     For most of the night I just sat there, sobbing. I thought back to the X Factor, when each of us didn't make it, then where we got put together as a band. Back to when we got voted out, placing 3rd, back to when Zayn said, "This isn't the end..."

     Back to when we made our first music video, won out first awards, back to when we did our first concert, our first world tour.

     It was too much. It wasn't supposed to end like this. All I wanted now was Harry. I'd do anything to get him back, I'd even tell the world about us. Anything. But unfortunately, death wasn't refundable.

     It seemed like forever had gone by when the boys came to pick me up. They sat with me, crying and holding me. We sat there together, just crying.



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