Silent Dreams

This is a story about the love between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Harry wants to tell the world about their love, Louis doesn't agree. What looked as a simple fight turned out to be something much, much more...


8. His Spirit

     The next day I was tired of being lonely and sad. I was only angry now, raging. If only I had agreed with Harry, told him I wanted to reveal us.

     I sat up in my dark room, and looked at the computer screen over in the corner. It was bright and tempting. I crawled out of bed and say in the computer chair. I logged into Twitter, and my hands shook as I typed:


     "Dear fans: as you all probably know, Harry committed suicide about a week ago. And I know Modest! has made up stories about how it was an accident, but it wasn't. It was my fault, actually..."

     After I had written the whole story, I clicked post. I cried as I watched the notifications pop up. I had just told the whole world that Larry Stylinson was real. I did this on all of our media pages. I could hear the boys downstairs.

     "Oh my god..."

     I knew I'd get in trouble, but it was worth it. Now everyone knew, and management couldn't hide it.

     All of the sudden I heard one of the boys clapping slowly. I jumped because I hadn' t heard him come in. I whirled around to see Harry leaning against my bed.

     I screamed, and Harry ran over and covered my mouth. "Lou! Hush," he laughed. "It's just me..." I stared at him. He looked different, almost sinister somehow. But I laughed and hugged him. 

     "Harry, god I thought you were dead!" I cried. I hugged him tight.

     "I am," he said. I carefully let go. He looked into my eyes like nothing was wrong.

     "Listen," he began. "All I wanted was for you to tell the world about us so we could be free and happy. And now you have, so we can be together."

     He leaned forward and brushed his lips over my neck, then kissed me, sucked on my neck.

     "Be with you?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair. He smiled then slid his full lips up to my ear and whispered, "Die..."

     And he continued to be sexual with me, but I was scared now. Harry wanted me to die. This was his ghost, come back to take me.

     "B-but--how?" I stammered. Harry slid my shirt off and rubbed his hands on my chest.


     The spirit slid his hands down lower.

     "Okay," I whispered back, starting to like the idea of being with Harry forever. I saw him smirk, and he began to unzip my pants as he pushed me down on the bed. As he was doing this he said in a low, raspy voice, "Kill yourself. Hang yourself, Lou."

     He gave me goosebumps, and I agreed. Harry took all my clothes off, then grabbed my belt and led me to the closet, kissing me on the neck.

     I was scared, but Harry said this was for the best. He showed me what to do, and I looped the belt around my neck, then around the pole in the closet...



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