Silent Dreams

This is a story about the love between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Harry wants to tell the world about their love, Louis doesn't agree. What looked as a simple fight turned out to be something much, much more...


9. Broken

     "And that's the story," I said into the microphone. "It's amazing how much they loved each other. And, we all knew..." I gestured to Liam and Zayn standing beside me. I sniffed, took the tissue out of my suit pocket, and wiped my damp eyes and nose.

     "The last thing Harry said to me was "fuck management" and I'll never forget that. There will no longer be a One Direction, but I hope this story will reach out to people everywhere. I lost two of my best friends within a month's time, and it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me."

     I choked up and began to cry. I couldn't finish, and Liam led me off the stage--Zayn close behind--back to the chairs in the cemetery. The priest finished the ceremony, and we watched Lou's  casket be lowered into the ground, next to Harry. Liam, Zayn and I couldn't hold it in, so we cried; and frankly, I didn't care who watched. I just wanted everything to be right, and normal again.

     That was the end of One Direction. I went back home to Ireland, and Liam and Zayn went back to England. I haven't heard from them since the funeral, but I wish I knew how to reach them. I know no one could have ever imagined having an ending like this, especially me. But that's how it was.

     I hope management is damn happy now.



      Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson


    ~{ Larry Stylinson forever }~









































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