Silent Dreams

This is a story about the love between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Harry wants to tell the world about their love, Louis doesn't agree. What looked as a simple fight turned out to be something much, much more...


3. All Day; Wishing For Night

     Downstairs, the boys were all watching a re-run of Full House. They turned to look at me as I came running down the stairs with a smile on my face. Only Zayn turned back to the TV and asked, "Gee, what happened in there, Harry. You look excited." Liam and Niall laughed, and I cleared my throat. The boys knew about our bromance, and they often joked with us about it.

     I flattened my hair back down as I came down the rest of the stairs and flung myself on the couch, next to Niall. He playfully patted my curls when I put my head on his lap. We continued to watch Full House until Lou came waddling down the stairs in his pajamas.

     "Hello lads," he croaked. I turned my head to look at him shuffling down the stairs. "Hey Louis,"  the boys said in unison without breaking their gaze from the television. Louis walked by the couch on his way to a chair. I watched him, silently smiling. He winked at me and patted my foot.

     The day couldn't have gone by slower. All day I was anticipating the night, and I could tell Louis was too. We both were being secretly sexual with one another all day, poking each others sides, brushing each others arms, and playing with each others hair. Whenever he talked I looked into his eyes; they captured me, and it took strength to look away.

     It was getting late, and I was getting excited. I sat next to Liam while we watched some old movie. I wasn't really paying attention, but instead making faces to Lou from across the TV room.

     Once the movie ended, Niall, Zayn and Liam were sound asleep and sawing logs. I raised my eyebrows at Louis, and he nodded with a slight smile. I carefully lifted Liam's head off my shoulder and placed a pillow under his head, hustling to catch up with Lou.

     I knocked on Lou's door once again but head no answer, so I walked in. The lights were off, but candles were lit all over the room. The bed was made but Louis wasn't in there. So I walked over to 'my side' of the bed, and sat down. I ran my hand over the silk comforter wondering how Lou would choose to please me tonight. Then, in walked the sexiest man I'd ever seen. He looked up and flashed his cute smile at me, making me shiver. He was fully clothed, including a big robe.




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