Just Another Passing Stranger. (1D, Finished)

You're an average eighteen year old girl. You work hard and aspire to be a budding photographer. You love reading books getting lost in your thoughts and relaxing....or at least that's what you thought.

Until one day you meet a guy who pulls you out of your fairytale world turning your life upside down. But could someone you've never even heard of really make this much difference to your life?


5. Will You Be My Book Girl?



"You want to know everything?" Harry replied moving closer to me. 


"Yes." I said unsure. My breathing quickened as he edged towards me again. I noticed him bite his bottom lip and it sent shivers around my body. Then, I felt warm hand rest on my thigh as he gently leaned towards me. Then whispered in my ear,


"I'm Harry..." his warm breath on my ear sent tingles around my body "Harry Styles..." I sucked the air in quickly realization hitting me. I can't believe I didn’t realize! He leant a little back still close enough to feel his breath and still with his hand on my thigh. I stared into space, loads of things flying through my mind. I must have made him feel so bad that I didn’t know him. It must have been-


My thoughts were cut off by a warm touch on neck. His lips softly kissing several different places. Then he sat up and looked into my eyes.


"I really like you Y/N." His rocky voice said softly. I took another short but deep breath in, butterflies swarming my stomach. I smiled, looking into his eyes as I put my hand to his face. He sprung towards me smashing his lips to mine. Forcing me to push up against the tinted car window. The intensity grew as we passionately kissed each other. But then he left my lips and placed little kisses on my cheek, my neck and then my jaw. I fisted his hair in my hand as the feeling of butterflies flooded my body again. He then placed one little kiss near my ear and said,


"Will you be my book girl?" and I whispered into his ear,



"As long as you don't be...Just another passing stranger..."

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