Just Another Passing Stranger. (1D, Finished)

You're an average eighteen year old girl. You work hard and aspire to be a budding photographer. You love reading books getting lost in your thoughts and relaxing....or at least that's what you thought.

Until one day you meet a guy who pulls you out of your fairytale world turning your life upside down. But could someone you've never even heard of really make this much difference to your life?


3. When The Sun Shines Again.

Y/N's - P.O.V


Work was tricky today; it had been two hours until I came up with an idea for an article. I chose to do it on meeting strangers and the different types. Like the ones who are seriously weird and you try to avoid. The ones who try to be friendly but aren't. Or the ones who are actually nice people! Now a day’s, that's hard to come by. Anyway, usually writing articles about things I have experienced firsthand turn out good, so, wish me luck!



I finished work at 3:30pm when I left my office the sun was still shining and it was quite hot. So, because of the lovely weather I decided to take a walk to the park so I could read some more of my book in the warm summer’s air. 


When I got to the park I found a quiet space to sit down in, but soon enough the silence was disturbed by four guys messing about. For some reason they were playing with water pistols which was a little strange because they looked too old to be acting like children. I tried to carry on reading but then saw a tall dark shadow hover over me. As I looked up to identify this towering person I noticed that it was the curly haired guy from the cafe. What was his name again?.....Barry! As my eyes rose up he held something towards me. 


"Do you need this yet?" he asked. In his hand sat a small white tissue. We looked at each other, looked at the tissue and looked back at each other again and laughed. 


"Enjoying the peace whilst you still can then?" He chuckled and nodded my head in a sarcastic agreement. 


"Hey! There you are Harry!" one of the guys who were playing with the pistols jogged over. Oh! Harry- that was his name! Face palm moment... Harry quickly turned to see the approaching guy. He wore slightly baggy beige trousers with a green top that had "free hugs" wrote onto it and he wore hi-tops on his feet.


"Hey bro!" Harry said, his voice slightly raised and more mescaline compared to the way he spoke to me before. The blond guy put his arm around his shoulders and said,


"We've been waiting for you, what took you so long?" Then Harry looked down at me still sat on the floor and smiled.


"I was just talking to this young lady." he winked and turned back to the other guy.


"Well you can carry on talking but we need to get a move on." The guy said hastily as he marched back to the other guys. 


"That's Niall." Harry chuckled casually pointing in his direction. I closed my book and quickly got up off of the ground.


"Well I'd best be off, leave you to whatever it is you're going to be late for…" I then turned to walk away but was stopped by a warm touch around my wrist. 


"Wait!" I turned to see him gazing into my eyes... "Come with me?" We fell silent for a moment and then I said,


"I don't think that's such a good idea...” he looked at me disappointed and replied,


"It'll be fine, it's only another interview." I gave him a confused look, an interview...what guy takes a girl to an interview? I'm sure the person who was interviewing him would never give him the job if I was there!


I quietly shook my head and then said,


"I can't..." Harry then slightly tightened the grip he had on my wrist, pulled me a little closer to him and said,


"Will I see you again..?" It fell silent for a while again. Longer this time. We just stared at each other...


"HARRY! COME ON!" The blond guy shouted in an agitated voice and broke the silence. Harry still stood staring into my eyes desperate for an answer. 


"When the sun shines again...at 3:45pm...I'll be here." Harry sighed slightly but then a cheeky smile grew on his face and he lightly let go of my wrist. 


"I'll see you then....” he nodded slightly “Book girl." chuckled, and then jogged over to the guys who then left the park.

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