Just Another Passing Stranger. (1D, Finished)

You're an average eighteen year old girl. You work hard and aspire to be a budding photographer. You love reading books getting lost in your thoughts and relaxing....or at least that's what you thought.

Until one day you meet a guy who pulls you out of your fairytale world turning your life upside down. But could someone you've never even heard of really make this much difference to your life?


2. The Interview.

Y/N's - P.O.V

Butterflies swarmed my stomach as I read the note he had left. I had met the guy about twenty minutes ago and he was already leaving me secret notes...desperate much?


I quickly left the cafe with the menu still gripped in my hand and then pulled my phone out. I saved Harry's number into it and then sent him a text.


Once I had sent the text I placed both my phone and the menu into my bag and began to walk to work. Today I was working in my office a tall modern looking building just a couple streets away from the cafe. I had to come up with a new article so started thinking of ideas whilst I walked. I enjoyed the walk today. It was sunny but cool. Birds were chirping in the nearby park and the roads were surprisingly quiet. Perfect.


Harry's - P.O.V

I had the day off yesterday and stayed in just roaming the net. But then couldn't sleep much during the night. Feeling a little down...the fans seem to want more from the band then we are giving them. They want video diaries back...but, it's difficult to fit it all in. And management have asked me and Lou to be...less brotherly? At least until the 'Larry Stylinson' rumours have faded a little again. 


So, at 6am this morning I found myself leaving my apartment to get some fresh air and thinking space. I walked around for about an hour or so until I saw a cafe that was lit up and looked welcoming. There was a girl sat in the window reading. She had long waving brown hair and looked so peaceful as she read. I decided to go in as it looked quite nice and get myself a drink. So I walked in, sat at a table and had a brief look at the menu then went to order my drink. The guy behind the counter recognized me from the band which was kind of predictable and then told me he liked our music and that he was so shocked to see me in his cafe. We spoke for a little while as he made my drink and then I went and sat back at the table. The girl was still reading. She was beautiful, but in a way looked like she was missing something...she looked almost lonely. 


I stood from the table I was sat at and quietly walked to the other side of the room where she was sat and took a seat opposite her. I saw her sparkling blue eyes peering over her book and look at me strangely. 


"Good right?" I questioned her.


"Excuse me?" she replied softly.


"The book...its good isn't it?" I laughed amused at the confusion on her face.


"Urmm...yeh, I guess." she replied again still a little confused. Then began to read again. It felt like she didn't want to talk to me...well...she was reading. But I carried on anyway.


"I'm Harry." She rolled her eyes at me and replied,


"Y/N." The beautiful girl then held out her hand for a polite handshake. She didn't recognize me? or maybe she did and didn't want to fangirl...or maybe she wasn't a fan at all!


"I'm sorry do I know you?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders unsure if she was being genuine.


"I guess not." I chuckled then smiled. She really didn't know who I was. This may be one of the only rare chances I get to have a normal conversation with someone before tour. She sat staring at me for a little, like she was taking in every aspect of my appearance.


"Is...something wrong?" I asked politely and shocked her out of her daze.


"Oh! Oh...sorry. No- nothing." It was sweet; her face turned a light red. Maybe she did recognize me a little...maybe she was trying to work out where she had seen me before?


"So- do you know me?" I questioned her again.


"Didn't I just ask you that?" She looked at me again confused. 


"I do know you. Yes. But, only as a passing stranger." She began to smile the most beautiful and contagious smile I had ever seen and then I smiled too.


"Well that's a cool way to put it." I replied, impressed. She then closed her book and put it into the bag that was beside her. I felt my stomach drop...she was going to leave...


"Oh- are you leaving now?" I said with disappointment in my voice. She looked at me. Then smiled.


"Nope...You don't just leave when a creepy guy sits next to you in a cafe. You talk to them." She winked at me and I was quite shocked, but then realized she was joking and started to laugh.


We spoke for while; getting to know her was amazing. She worked for a magazine I'd heard of and liked to come to the cafe every morning to start the day. I apologized for ruining her morning and she just giggled. But, then our lovely conversation was ruined by a phone call I received...I had an interview to attend. I was quite upset that I had to leave but I think the girl was relieved that she could get rid of me.


I slowly walked towards the door. What if I never see her again? What if this was my one chance and that phone call ruined it? I’d never forgive myself.... I picked up a nearby menu and wrote her a little note. Making sure she saw me, I placed it on the window sill and left the building.


Soon enough I reached the venue where the radio interview was taking place. The other boys were already there and as soon as I arrived we went straight in. 


There were two interviewers, asking loads of the usual questions. But, the live interview was shortly interrupted when my phone buzzed. Everyone looked at me. 


"So sorry. Forgot to turn it off." I said briskly with a slight laugh. I then pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen. I had a text from an unknown number, I thought it would just be a fan managing to get hold of my number until I opened it and it read,


Thanks for the note.

Book Girl. x


I smiled and chuckled at the screen. 


"Who's the girl?" The interviewer next to me questioned. I looked at everyone grinning from ear to ear and then Louis raised his eyebrows and said,


"Harry. Spill." I then quickly glanced at the other guys hoping they would change the subject...but no. Thanks guys.


"Ummm...well...she's someone I met recently...she's a friend" I mumbled. 


"Ooooh and she's already got a cute pet name!" The other interviewer joked. I began to build up a sweat...what if she hears this...she may never speak to me again. Oh no! 

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