Just Another Passing Stranger. (1D, Finished)

You're an average eighteen year old girl. You work hard and aspire to be a budding photographer. You love reading books getting lost in your thoughts and relaxing....or at least that's what you thought.

Until one day you meet a guy who pulls you out of your fairytale world turning your life upside down. But could someone you've never even heard of really make this much difference to your life?


4. Tell Me Everything.

Harrys P.O.V


4 weeks later...


It was 10am and I woke up and looked out of my window...


"England...WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?" I bellowed as I threw my head up to face the ceiling. It was raining... 4 weeks...and no sun. I couldn't stop thinking of Y/N. Her beautiful eyes...smile...everything. So quiet and innocent. I was surprised she didn't know who I was. All teenage girls know who I am...don't they? I thought that maybe she was just pretending. But, surely if she was, she would have sent me a text by now?  Maybe she didn't like me...


Anyway, I quickly went for a shower, got dressed and had a bite to eat before I had to meet Niall and the others for a photo shoot. The rain was smashing on the windscreen of my car as I drove to the studio. When I got there I saw the guys under a shelter in the car park.


"Raining...AGAIN!" I said to them frustrated and gesturing to the sky. 


"You say this everyday man! Just go get a fake tan if you're that bloody desperate." Zayn replied in a sarcastic tone laughing with the other guys.


They had no idea. 



So, we walked into the studio and began the shoot. It was good I guess. But I couldn't stop thinking about her...The photo shoot planned today was an all day one, before tour. The guys and I messed about as usual and changed clothes several times. Soon enough it was time for our last session of the day. I was having a single shot done when a guy walked in bringing new sets of clothes,


"I tell you what lads you can get a right tan out there today." he loudly chuckled as I quickly turned my head from the camera to look at the man. He had a slight sweat on. I glanced at the clock on the wall above his head. It read 3:45pm exactly. 


"Shit." I said disappointedly "I'm sorry I have to go, I'll bring the clothes back tomorrow." I shouted as I ran towards the exit. The man was right; the sun was beating down on me as I ran towards the park. I thought it would be less risky running than trying to get through the traffic in the car. My heart was pounding and I felt my body temperature rise the faster I ran. But shortly I saw the park gates in front of me. I dashed through them dodging people. A teenage girl I slightly knocked started screaming and then running after me when she noticed who I was. I could see Y/N. Sat under a tree out of the sunlight the other side of the park. Reading her book. Looking as beautiful as ever. Until she closed her book, got up, and started to walk away. My heart sank but I ran faster across the park now. I quickly glanced back a saw around twenty girls running after me.  As I approached her I realized how out of breath I was and tried to control my breathing a little. Y/N quickly turned around. She must have heard the running of the girls behind me. I slowed down as I reached her and said, still catching my breath,


"Sorry I'm late." A tiny smile in the corners of her mouth appeared, 


"Who are they?" she asked politely. I looked back seeing an even bigger crowd of girls getting closer and closer to us. 


"Run." I replied to her grabbing her wrist and encouraging her to do what I said.




"Run." he ordered me. I looked at him confused but before I knew it I was being dragged out of the park. 


"Harry- STOP!" I yanked my wrist free from his ever tightening grip. "I want to know what's going on." I demanded.


"Please, come on. I promise I'll explain everything." He reached for my hand, tugging me gently. I glanced behind at the huge crowd of people approaching us and then looked back at Harry's pleading face. Then nodded sympathetically. 


We ran out of the park and around a corner into a nearby street. Still hand in hand. Before I knew it we were in a car park and getting into the back of his car trying to make sure no-one saw us. When we got in he locked the car doors just in case. The car was silent as we both caught our breath back. Then I looked at him frowning and said,


"I want to know everything." 

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