Wonderland(Zayn fanfic)

Alice is just your regular girl who considers her life a boring and unexcited one. Things are unexpectedly turned upside down when she finds a mysterious glass wall in a cabin in the woods. Soon her life gets too exciting, and she's brought in a dark world some like to call wonderland. Wonderland isnt like the one you read about in books or see in movies. It's a place of dark, sinister beauty, a place where you are either the hunter or the hunted, and a place where love is rare. And Alice is about to learn about each and every one of these things...the hard way.


3. My Mysterious Hero

I blink and look the other way to find the creature with a knife in it's chest. I look back at the guy to say thank you, but my mouth runs dry. He had the most alluring dark brown eyes, slightly chapped and pink, kissable lips, and black hair that i would literally die to run my hands through. He was beautiful. He was so perfect, so magnificent, it was almost terrifying. I snap out of my trance and get up. "Th-Th-Thank you.", i say, stuttering. He simply nods and turns around and starts walking away. "Wait!", i call after him, stumbling as I try to catch up. He turns to me, a look of annoyance on his face. "What. Do. You. Want?", he says quietly and a bit menacing -sounding. I take a step back, intimidated. "Well i was hoping you could help me find a way out of here and maybe somewhere to take shelter?", i ask, my voice weak. He sighs and continues walking. "Follow me." , he says, and i run after him. This is going to be a long day.
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