Wonderland(Zayn fanfic)

Alice is just your regular girl who considers her life a boring and unexcited one. Things are unexpectedly turned upside down when she finds a mysterious glass wall in a cabin in the woods. Soon her life gets too exciting, and she's brought in a dark world some like to call wonderland. Wonderland isnt like the one you read about in books or see in movies. It's a place of dark, sinister beauty, a place where you are either the hunter or the hunted, and a place where love is rare. And Alice is about to learn about each and every one of these things...the hard way.


1. Falling

I slap away a branch."Poppy!", I call as i walk through the woods. This wasn't like her at all. She's a well trained dog, she knows not to run off like that. "Poppy!", i call again. I come to an abandoned looking cabin. I look at it with curiosity, then i shake my head. No use in looking in there. Just when I'm about to walk the other way I hear what sounds like Poppy barking. I turn around and barge into the cabin. I run to the source of the barking and find myself in a rather big room. I look around but i don't see Poppy. I then notice that the wall opposite from me is made out of reflective crystal glass. I gawk at it. Something about it is so alluring... I walk over to it. My hand tentatively comes to touch the wall, and ripples go through it, as if it were water. I stare at it in amazement. It's short-lived, because Poppy comes out of nowhere, barking and nipping see my heels like she usually does when she's hungry, causing me to fall INTO the wall. Everything fades to black.
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