Wonderland(Zayn fanfic)

Alice is just your regular girl who considers her life a boring and unexcited one. Things are unexpectedly turned upside down when she finds a mysterious glass wall in a cabin in the woods. Soon her life gets too exciting, and she's brought in a dark world some like to call wonderland. Wonderland isnt like the one you read about in books or see in movies. It's a place of dark, sinister beauty, a place where you are either the hunter or the hunted, and a place where love is rare. And Alice is about to learn about each and every one of these things...the hard way.


2. A Dream?

A open my eyes and sit up. I look around and blink once. Then i rub my eyes and blink twice. What the hell!?!? It look like im in some kind of forest. Though it's definitely not a normal one. Everything is black or close to black. Strange sounds ring out, making me shudder. I see red eyes staring at me from the corner of my eye, but when i look directly at them, there's nothing there. Shadows lurk behind trees and shrubs, but there's nothing there to create them. I get up and start walking fast, terrified. Is this some messed up dream? I walk up to a tree and I'm about to pass it when one of it's roots shoot up out of nowhere and grabs my legs. A scream escapes my throat as im brought to the ground. What the fuck is happening? I look up at the tree to see two red eyes appear. The thing with the red eyes detaches it self from the tree and look at me. It has coal black skin that blends in perfectly with the tree and is covered in mucus. It snarls at me, showing its pointed, terrifying looking teeth. Its bloody and raw flesh-smelling breath hits my face, making me throat up a little. Tears roll down my face as I close my eyes, waiting for what it's surely going to be my death. I hear what sounds like the slice of a knife and strangled scream. I open my eyes to find two dark brown ones staring down on me.
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