The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


7. Transition

'So can we go or not?' Steven asked again. Harry drew in a long breath.
'Yes... But you need to learn the rules and dangers.' Katie and Steven both nodded, ready to learn.
'Rule 1, you have already learnt. Onto rule 2. They say seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror. There is a reason. If you break a mirror and cut yourself a bit of mirror will get into your blood stream. This bit of glass will try to kill you, it will try to get revenge as it is what is left of reflection you have destroyed. If it fails at killing you it will take seven years to exit your body.' Katie looked at Harry.
'Yeah of course that's true.'
'Go on then smash a mirror.' Harry was not impressed. However Katie did not move. 'That's what I thought. Rule three. Do not, ever, think you are the cleverest. The reflection, if it's yours, knows how you think, how you'll react and, your weaknesses.'
'Surely you'll know your reflections movement though.' Steven pointed out. Harry sighed.
'Just like your father. Do you know what it's thinking now? No! But yours does. It's watching you, every minute, of every hour, of everyday. Always.' Katie looked around worriedly. 'You can't see them Katie!' Even Steven jumped at how Harry's manner had changed. 'Rule 4. Relationships with reflections are not allowed. Now lets go.'

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