The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


3. The Unwelcome Visitor

Harry and Katie sat in a cold, stony silence, opposite each other separated only by the small coffee table, covered in all the gossip magazines.

“Drink?” Katie asked coldly. Harry looked up.
“Peppermint tea would be lovely.” Katie looked at him like he was from a different planet.
“Are you trying to be funny? Or incredibly insensitive?” Katie’s eyes were in a fixed glare on his face and her cheeks were flaring red.
“No of course not.” He said highly defensively. “What have I done.”
“He told you. Didn’t he!” Katie clenched her fist.
“Who told me, who?” Katie could tell he was almost trying to wind her up. She stormed over to him and whispered into his ear:
“You know exactly who I mean. You’ll also know about my anger and how quickly my temper flares up.” Harry removed his glasses from his face to reveal sky blue eyes in a fixed stare at the mirror outside the door, yet still intently listening. “And I swear to god you try anything funny, you will get hurt. If you haven’t clocked it yet, my mother died ten days ago.”
“Your father didn’t get an invite to the funeral, did he?” Katie glared at him.
“Don’t you dare mention him.” However Harry continued, as if to provoke her.
“That’s right; you don’t know where he is either do you? Because he left you. He left you, your brother and your mum alone, and you don’t even know why!”
“Shut up shut up shut up!” Katie yelled at him. She raised a fist and Harry smiled. She swung and narrowly missed his head hitting the wall behind him, making a large dent in the wall. He lent forward to whisper into her ear.
“You missed.”

The front door opened and Katie heard a voice that she recognised shout:
“What the hell is going on here?” Steven was home.

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