The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


2. The Days That Followed

In the days that followed Katie barely moved from where she sat, on her bed. She had started to read a book to pass the time but had been on the same page now for around three days, and had barely eaten.
 Steven on the other hand had no choice but to go out and look for a job to support him and Katie. He was surprised that their mum had no will; he had at least expected she would have some money in case of emergency. She did not, nor did they have any family to help them out, except their dad whose whereabouts was unknown to either.

It was a week after the funeral when an abrupt knock on the door caused Katie to stop moping around the house. She dragged herself up and slowly stumbled down the stairs. She glanced at her reflection in what remained of the mirror, below which her mum had been found dead.
 She looked a mess her blonde shoulder length hair was all matted and what remained of the makeup she wore to the funeral was smudged across her face. Her eyes were puffed up from all the crying she had done, not to mention her nails which had been bitten to an inch of their life.
 She didn’t bother to make herself look nicer and opened the door. Standing in front of her was a well-dressed man, around 6’0 tall. He was wearing sunglasses, even though the English weather showed no sign of the sun appearing any time soon. His skin looked unusual, almost like it was reflecting the porch light's dim glow.

“Miss...?” He asked in a strong American accent.
“Jackson. Katie Jackson.” Katie replied slightly croaky, from not talking for so long. “And you are?”
“Harry.” He said almost hurt that she didn’t know.
 “Harry what exactly. And also what are you doing at my door?” She asked with a hint of sarcasm.
“Sweetie, you don’t need know any more than my name, and that I am here on your dads behalf.”
“Don’t ever call me sweetie. Oh yeah, tell my dad I never want to see him again!” Katie shouted at him, whilst shutting the door. Harry stuck his foot between the shutting to forcing Katie to stop.
“Katie, are you not even going to ask why your dad sent me?” He knew full well she really wanted to know.
“Go on. Enlighten me.” Katie said through gritted teeth.
“You’re not going to invite me in then?” He asked slyly.
“No I wasn’t planning on it.” This time she actually shut the door. Harry opened the letterbox:
“So you don’t want to know how your mum died then?” Katie stopped in her tracks and turned back towards the door, slowly opened it and led Harry into the lounge.

“This had better be good.” She told him.

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