The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


6. Rule One

'Go into Mirroring?' Harry asked astonished.
'Yes. To Mirroring.' Steven had now taken over the sarcastic manner.
'You cannot. Your father forbids it.' Harry told Steven. This made Steven get up abruptly and walked over to Harry, he knelt down and looked him straight in the eyes.
'You should've worked out by now... I don't give a toss what my father says. He. Is. Not. Part of this family anymore.' Harry's eyes widened as he fixed his gaze on Stevens, smiling slightly.
'Aarghh!' Steven screamed out in pain.
'Stop it! Stop it now! Please stop it's hurting him!' Katie shouted above the screams coming from her brother. Harry averted his gaze and the screaming stopped. Steven held his side, wheezing a little.
' Rule 1.' Harry said sternly. 'Never look a reflection in the eye from less than a meter away.' Steven was still breathing heavily.
'What... Did... You... Do...To...Me..?' Harry's face turned into a twisted smile.
'I used my defences.' Katie shrugged her shoulders in confusion. 'If I am close enough to a human, or reflection for that matter, I can imagine myself as a piece of glass, inside the person. Then I can find a major vein or artery and start cutting your insides, slowly killing them.'
'You're killing my brother!?' Katie's face was full of despair.
'Was. Katie was.' Harry explained.
'And that makes It ok  does it?'
'Yes.' Harry replied blankly. 'I could only kill him if I had kept on cutting his veins. He will be fine in a bit.'
'And you don't call that a superpower.' Steven asked, after finally regaining his breath.

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