The mirrorr hit the floor with an almighty crash, scattering glass all over the floor. An earpiercing scream rang through the house, as if someone was dying...


5. Mirroring

“What I’m about to tell is not to be repeated to anyone, unless it is a matter of life or death. Understand?” Harry asked. Katie sighed sarcastically.
“Scouts honour.” Steven nodded in agreement.

“Your mother is not, technically, dead.” Katie gasped. “Your mother is… Your mother is what we call in Orbit.” Steven raised his eyebrows. “Orbit is when you are in between here, your reality and there, my reality.”
“Your reality?” Steven asked.  
“My reality is Mirroring.”
“What the hell is Mirroring?” Again it was Steven who asked, Katie just sat and listened in silence.
“The clue is sort of in the name. I am what you would call a reflection. I am what you see when you look in a mirror.”
“You look nothing like either of us!” Katie suddenly blurted out. Harry looked at her.
“That is because I am not your reflection.”
"No really!?" Katie said in a high pitched irritating voice. Steven looked at her, his face unimpressed.
"I am your dads reflection." Neither Katie or Steven could stop themselves raising an eyebrow or two.
"You look nothing like my dad." Even Steven had to contest.
"I may not look like him my traits are the same. Back to the Mirroring. The Mirroring is different to here, how it looks, smells, feels. It's sort of warped. Almost not still, it ripples and shines like glass at the bottom of a river."
"So Mirroring is basically here but not here." Katie stated bluntly. "So can you... die?" Steven sighed.
"Well... Sort of. If the mirror is smashed by one of us. The mirror that we enter this..." He paused and looked around at the room and stuck his nose up at it almost in disgust. "Place by. If we smash the mirror we come out of we shatter with the mirror. Leaving the person we switch places with stuck in Orbit between the two realities."
"How do they get out? Out of Orbit I mean?" Katie asked inquisitively.
"They get out by." Harry sighed. "By doing a deed. That deed being anything from destroying another's mirror, to stop them travelling to the different worlds or... Or stopping a life..." As if almost ignoring the last statement Katie asked:
"Do you, by any chance have any superpowers; gifts?" Harry half smiled.
"Not as such. In the dark you cannot see us, as like reflections which you cant see in the dark. Also in the dark if you touch us you will get cut. Like glass as in your reality that is basically what we are. Then there are a few of us, not me I must add, that can freely transport themselves with no use of a swap counter part. For me it's your dad."


Both Katie and Steven sat their in silence for a minute before Steven asked:

"When can we go?"




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