Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


6. X-factor Final

** 3 months later**

Harry P.O.V

I stood on the stage. Hand in hand with Niall and Liam. Simon was stuck in the middle of us all. This was it , the moment We , One Direction , have been waiting for, The moment we would find out if we have won the x-factor. Stood on the stage was us  , Little Mix and Marcus Collins. My heart was racing and we were all shaking . I looked over at Niall who I knew was the most nervous about it.  He looked like he was praying." And in 3rd place is ....." said Dermot through the microphone. It was ok if we didnt win though because Simon was our mentor so we were garenteed a album with him! 

".... One Direction!" Dermot announced through the microphone sounding suprised. We all sighed but we new this wasnt the end for us ! It was only the begining! We waited around after we got ushered off the stage to see who the winner is .We all wanted it to be Little mix. " And the winner is ..." The music in the background that sounded like a heart beating was playing , slowly getting faster and faster. "....LITTLE MIXXXXXX!" Screamed Dermot through the microphone. The were screaming like 6 year olds just after getting their first puppy! Perrie looked backstage at us and smiled at Zayn. Zayn winked back at he and gave a kissy face at here. There was obviously something going on between them but none of them would spill the beans!

Little Mix began singing their winners single 'Cannonball' and we joined in backstage . Everytime Perrie had solo Zayn's smile would grow bigger and bigger.At the last course , we all ran onto the stage surounding them and Zayn went straight for Perrie. I think him and Perrie forgot they were on telly and that we were all there and She leaped into his arms and he swung her around. Then when Zayn setted Perrie back on her feet they passionatly kissed eachother like they were the only two people in the world ..Everybody stared at them wide-eyed and mouth dropped. Zayn just huffed and kissed Perrie again.

The show finished up and everybody went out to celebrate. I met up with Becky when we were out because she wanted to get to know Niall more. Maybe Niall really DID like Becky back because when ever they were around eachother they both blushed. They also texted eachother the rare time and skyped once or twice. I knew they werent dating because  Niall said he doesnt want a girlfriend until the whole x-factor buisness is sorted with.


**AUTHORS NOTE** Sorry i havent updated in ages! but im having a contest to be in my book! so comment some ideas you have for the book and the best idea gets a caracter in the book

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