Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


2. The Audition

Harry walked onto the stage. You could tell that his nerves were getting the best of him. He slowly took his place on the X on the floor 

Harry P.O.V

I walked onto the stage. You could tell that my nerves were getting the best of my. I slowly took my place on the X on the floor and waited patiently for the judges to ask me to introduce myself. Sat in front of me was Simon Cowel , Nicole Sherzinger , Tulisa and Louis Walshe. Simon finally said "Hello whats your name ?" "Harry Styles" i reply . " Tell us about yourself and what you will be singing " he said stubbornly . "Well i work in a bakery and I live in a little village called Homes Chapel. I will be singing 'Let her go' by Passenger" . Simon just raised his eyebrows and looked away from me. That's never a good sign! The music started and I began to sing. Suddenly when i began to sing everybody's mouths dropped in amazement. Was i really that good? I continued on singing and before i knew it the song had stopped and everyone was standing and clapping .  Finally the time had come , the time had been dreading. None of the judges were talking . WHY WERE THEY NOT TALKING!! I was starting to get worried!  It was very awkward. I just stood there like a homeless person on the street begging for money. "Harry..." began Simon. Finally! somebody talked. He continued "That was the best audition we had in Manchester so far!". My jaw dropped. THE Simon Cowel said my voice was good! I looked over at Becky who was smiling and jumping around like a lunatic. I would have been to only for I was on live T.V and in front of ten thousand people!  Then it went on to Nicole. She called me her little bakerballs! Then came Tulisa's comments. She said "You are going to be big! You do have some competition especially someone similar to you in Ireland" I looked over at Becky whose face lit up when she said that. I think she was talking about Niall and Becky did to. Tulisa continued "but never give up on your dreams ! if you believe you can achieve" She always has to say something inspiring. Then Louis , usual Louis " You have star quality" If i got all the way through i would love to have Simon , because if i don't win i am almost guaranteed an album and i would like Nicole as well because she is so funny and lovable. Becky wants me to get Tulisa because Becky is a HUGE fan of her and her music! . When the judges finished all their wonderful comments Simon shouted 1, 2, 3 and on cue all the judges pointed at me and screamed "YES!". I couldn't believe it! i said thanks to all the judges trying to stay calm and ran backstage to Becky. She jumped up into my arms congratulating me. " This is all because of you Becks, Thank you so much!" i said to Becky. " Harry its my honor ! It would be cool if your cousin was famous! and its brilliant for you because your dreams will come true ! but just promise me one thing, If it works out and If Niall's singing career works out to , you know hook us up!" said Becky with a smirk. I laughed at my cousin and shook my head , she can be so funny and stupid at times. She then skipped down the hallway motioning for me to follow her.***** * A NOTE* Ok so I'm going to update a new chapter every day so bare with me !****

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