Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


7. Sorry Becky, I cant be with you

**2 months Later**



Harry P.O.V

Everything has been fantastic since the x-factor! Although we didnt win we are flying over to LA in 2 months to start recording our first single ! I cant believe it. We were only a band for 5 months and we are already going to LA to record! Of course Becky has to come and I guess Danielle could tag along too because her and Liam are getting very cosy after all Laim should be making his move soon . He told me she was "the one"! Here is the relationship  statuses

Becky: Trying to make a move on Niall

Me:Single and I want it to stay like that for a while

Liam: Going to ask Dani to be his girlfriend soon

Danielle : Hopefully going to be Liams soon

Niall: Single but definatly crushing on a girl ! I dont know who though. He is always texting somebody but whenever we ask him who he just says "a girl"

Zayn: With Perrie ! (They told us all it was official after the night of the final and ever since , they have been going strong)

Louis: Single ! 

So there you have it !I really do hope Niall and Becky get together! they make a perfect couple. 



Tonight everybody is coming around to my place to celebrate our new single we will be recording in LA soon. I cant wait ! Becky and Dani and Perrie are coming too. I cant wait to see Becky ! We always text but we barley ever see eachother in person . I really like her and I think she feels the same way  ! Well i hope she does because tonight I think I might make my move ! She was perfect. The way her wavey blondey-purple hair fell perfectly below her shoulders and her sparkling green eyes shone when the tiniest bit of light hit them. Every night I would think about her. How i wished she was mine.



I cant wait to go to Nialls for dinner,After all this is where i will be living in the future (hopefully) ! I have to tell how I feel about him tonight. I hope he feels the same way! I went into the closet of my room and went through all my clothes. 

"Pink and blue dress:Nah!

 yellow lace : EW !No way , when did I buy that

 Pink with grey lace over:BINGO!" I said to myself flicking through the clothes on the rails.I had to have the perfect outfit for Niall. Before I put on my clothes I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower.The steaming water burned my skin at first but I got used to it after a while. I massaged my head with shampoo. It smelt like strawberry's and vanilla. I knew Niall liked Vanilla and he liked food so I thought that was the best shampoo to use. I stept out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me . I began applying my make-up. Only mascara and a tiny bit of eye liner because I hated make-up . It made me look fake and I dont want to be fake !  I am the only me and im beautiful to somebody. I walked into my room and slipped on my dress . I put my hair in a messy bun at the back ith two plaits at the sides. Just as I was finished my stomach rumbled so loud Harry heard it in the room beside mine."You sound hungry there Becks !" Harry shouted . "Yeah ! im starving!" I replied . 2well you will have to wait we are leaving in a hour for Nialls". I groaned in responce.I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see if there was anything to nibble on. Right as I walked in there was a big slice of chocolate cake sitting in front of me . Why does this have to happen to me ! " Dont eat  it , dont eat it, you will have Nialls yummy food in a hour!" I said to myself. I couldnt resist ! I grabbed a fork out of the drawer and heled it up like i was going to stab the cake . Before I did I saw a note on the plate. It said  

Dear Becky 

                  I know you really want to eat this lovely chocolate cake but I'm afraid you cant ! but bring it with you to my house and we can enjoy it together if you say yes! I know you probably think I'm crazy but you will understand later. Now dont spoil you appetite and come on over early 1 I need help cutting veggies! Before you leave read the the note under this 

                                                                                                         xoxo Naill

The note under it said : I know you want to eat me now but sorry becky i cant be with you ! From mr.cake

What was that supposed to mean?! "If you say yes we can enjoy it together " replayed over and over in my head . Well i guess I will see in a couple of minutes. "Harry! we have to go now! Niall wants help" I screamed up at Harry . Loud thuds came down the stairs and we both jumped into the car.

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