Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


8. Rambeler

Niall P.O.V

I sat on my couch waiting patiently for Becky to come. It was a good idea asking her to come early! I really did need help with cutting a few vegtables but I planned to bring her over early and keep her back until late ;) ! that is if everything goes to plan. I wanted to bring her over because : 1. I needed to ask her with no distractions from the boys  2.  I will feel better tonight knowing that i got it over and done with! *DING DONG* Thats her ! I stood up and dashed to the door, taking a quick glance in the morror as i passed it. I stopped at the door and took a deep breathe in and open the door. I stood there in amazment. She was stunning. She had a gorgeous pink dress with grey lace over it and her hair tied back in a bun. She didnt have to much make-up on which was good. I hated girls that wore to much make-up! it made them look fake. I got knocked out of my trance by Harry stepping in. SHOOT! I forgot Harry was coming with her ! I will have to distract him with something while I ask her. 

"y-you lo-look stunning to-tonight" I said shyly and blushing a deep of red.

"Thanks! looking quite dapper yourself!" she replied looking at her feet. I smiled secretly to myself then something came to be! 

"Your insecure, dont know what for , your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or" I sang. Becky looked up at me amazed. "Thats amazing! DID YOU WRITE THAT YOUR SELF? " Becky asked. " I just came up with it literally right now! thanks" I replied . 

" Why are you thanking me ?" she asked confused

" Becky I need to talk to you ! I was going to a bit later on but I cant keep it in!" I said to her " But I need to sing this song to harry first to see if we can put it in our new song. You go on in to the living room and make yourself at home" . Harry loved the song and agreed to put it in the song. "Harry when the lads come sing it to them see what they think and if they agree send it to uncle SiSi" I said to Harry rushing of to go ask Becky.


Becky P.O.V

Niall was so sweet and welcoming ! he told me he needed to ask me something so I headed into the living room and waited for him to come back. He knocked on the door and peeped his head through "Can I come in ?" He asked "Well it is your house right?!" I said giggling. "Oh Yeah!" He said laughing while taking a seat beside me.

"What did you want to ask me?"

"Well - I -I  emm do you mind if I sing it ? I feel more relaxed and confident around girls when I sing " 

" So everytime you talk to me you will have to bring your guitar?" I said laughing.

"You will understand when im done"

Niall ran down to his room and came back in with his guitar in hand and what i assummed  was a song book. "I wrote it just for you" he said cringing slightly. Did he have feelings for me ?! I cant get my hopes up until he sings the song. He began strumming for a while then began singing.


Niall P.O.V

"Baby I, I wanna know what you think when you're alone
Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh
We've been friends now for a while
Wanna know that when you smile
Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh oh" I sang. I stopped and looked at her and she was smiling so big her cheeks looked like they were about to burst.

"Becky we know eachother 5 months now and we are super close. We always text and go out shopping together and dinner together as if we were an item, but the boys dont know about that . And thats what I want ... for us to be an item." there was silence in the room as i began to talk again "Only if you want I mean im fine just being friends! Its just you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me and you even slept over a couple of times but obviously not like that ! you slept in the spare room but like still ! and i havent felt this way before but you know if you dont want to thats cool! im cool with it if you are!" I just kept rambeling on and couldnt stop talking . I felt like an idiot. i continued " you know I dont want things to be awkward between us because your a  great girl and all and you deserve the right lad and i would like to take things far , really far and if you dont want to rush things thats ok but i really dont mind rushing things i mean you could even move in tonight if you wanted to ! but im ok even if it takes 6 months for you to move in ..." I got cut of by Becky smashing her lips onto mine. Sparks were flying everywhere. She must feel the same way! i cant believe it!the girl of dreams likes me ! " Does that answer you question?" Becky said jumping onto my lap. I nodded in response and we kissed again . It was magical. " I fell like we have been dating SO long and to be honest i was waiting for you to ask me that! and for the record i dont mind taking things fast because I know you so well." Becky explained to me ."Well then if you dont mind me asking would you like to stay the night?" I asked Becky bowing down to her. "Oh well i would love to !" Becky said to me curtsying. We both laughed and kissed eachother once again. We held hands and walked into the kitchen to see Harry . I walked as she skipped in delight. 

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