Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


5. Niall and the Potatoes

Becky P.O.V

I woke up to the splits of sunlight coming through the window in the hotel room. I looked over to Harry's bed and he was sound asleep. He was curled up in a ball and sucking his thumb. He always does that in his sleep but denies it. This was the perfect time to get a picture. I whipped out my phone and snapped a picture. I forgot to take of the flash and it shone like stroke lights at a concert. Harry squeezed his eyes together then fluttered them open.

"Boom ! got a picture of you sucking you thumb" I said snickering 

"What ! I told you i don't su-" Harry said but cut off as I showed him the picture.

" I'm going to take a quick shower! Do you want me to come with you to bootcamp?"

"No its ok! have a good day out in London and you can come tomorrow" Harry said while stumbling out of the bed.

" Before I go for our shower I am going to give you dance lessons!!" I shouted at Harry making him jump a little. Harry ground and I began to shout dance steps 

"Row the boat , row the boat and shuffle and shuffle and Gangnam Style!" I shouted at Harry. He was trying to keep up with me but failed miserably. After all I take dance lessons . That's where me and my best friend , Danielle , met eachother when we were 5.

After my failed dance lesson with Harry , I walked into the shower. I stripped down to nothing and stepped into the steaming shower. The hot steaming water trickeld down my neck. It felt relaxing.I spent the next 20 minutes in there. I got out and looked in the mirror. It was all fogged up so I slowly wiped the mirror back and forth as i began seeing myself. I looked at my reflection and frowned. I ignored all the bad things and focused on the positives. My eyes , My hair , My tan. I began applying my make-up. I went into the hotel room and started flicking through my clothes. " Harry what will i wear?" I asked. No reply . I didn't bother turn around .  "HARRY?"  I asked a little louder thinking he fell back asleep. Still no reply. I turned around and looked around the room. I noticed a little white piece of paper. I walked across the room to the note leaving a trail of water behind me. The note said .....


Dear Becks 

                  I left for bootcamp, I am going to get a taxi. Text me after you read this note , I want some good luck! Hopefully I will get through and wont have to dance to much! Oh and you never know I might meet Niall today !! 

                                                                                                                                                  Lots of love Hazza xx


After I read the note I snatched my phone off my bed and searched for Harry's number. Got it !

To Hazza Bear

                       Good luck baby cakes! And think of our dance lesson !! And if you see Niall give him my number ;) 

                                                                                                                                                                      Lots of love , Becks.


Within seconds Harry replied

From Hazza bear

                          I'm just about to go in ! I thought I might take a ramble around Londo before I went but thanks Becks and trust me I will but if he texts you don't freak out and go all squeaky like you do when your nervous! But don't play hard to get either. From Hazza

After that I went to town a 12.30


Harry P.O.V

As the day went on I got more and more nervous . I made a few friends , Louis , Liam , and Aiden. I saw Niall a couple of times but every time I went to talk to him a guy with black Hair and a tan was with him and I didn't want to disturb them. I moved closer to Niall trying to listen into their conversation. I couldn't really hear anything just mumbling. 


Niall P.O.V

Bootamp is Brilliant! I made two friends so far and I only just came 20 minutes ago !  I didn't have to be there until 2 so I took a walk around London first. I saw a really hot girl! She had blondy purpley hair , Sparkling Green eyes and oh my god her smile was flawless ! She was flawless! 

Anyway back to bootcamp. I was talking to one of my friends , Zayn and I was telling him about this girl when suddenly a really curly haired fella started slyly moving closer to us

"You alright there buddy" I said as he flicked is head towards me. I looked at his eyes. They were the exact same as that girl I saw in town!

"Oh yeah sorry just waiting for my group to get called for the dancing , I'm really bad at dancing! said the curly dude

"Dont worry I'm probably worse!" Zayn said with a smirk.


Then somebody called my group "Under 20 group C" the voice called i got up and walked confidently to the stage! Zayn and curly dude followed me. I guess we were in the same group!


Harry P.O.V 

The music started and We began to dance. "Row the boat , row the boat and shuffle and shuffle and Gangnam Style!" ran through me head. I looked over at Niall and man was he killing it! The I took a glance at Zayn. He wasn't wrong he really couldn't dance! I didn't do much better though!


2 hours past and the under 20 girls were on stage finding out who was through to judges houses. Which meant the boys were next . And that was me! I peeped through the curtain and into the first row of seats and there sat Becky and Danielle and a few other people supporting their friends and family. The minute I saw Becky I smiled to myself! She caught me looking and gave me a big cheesy wave as did Danielle. Then Simon called for the boys to come out. I breathed in and out and walked onto the stage with my hands intertwined with eachother. Becky's face lit up when she saw Niall and she started smiling like a ninny. I think Danielle had something for Liam too.

The names where getting called out 1 by 1 and my name was still nowhere to be heard. My smile faded as Simon shouted "That's it boys sorry" . Niall started crying which made Becky cry and i was on the verge to tears as well. We all walked slowly off the stage as if we were at a funeral. Suddenly a voice called " Can I gather all the under 20 girls and boys " Everybody gathered around the lady standing on a chair . 

**Author note: I know little mix and 1D were not in the x-factor in the same year but go with it**

The lady continued when everybody was settled "Can Liam Payne ,Jesy Nelson , Louis Tomlinson , Perrie Edwards , Zayn Malik , Jade Thirlwall , Niall Horan , Leigh-Ann Pinnock and Harry Styles please return to the stage" We all looked at eachother nervously and walked back onto the stage all holding hands . Becky and Danielle's faces lit up when they saw us return.Simon said " We all thought that ye were to good to let go , so we decided to split ye into two groups !" Everybody started screaming their heads off.I looked down at Becky and she was jumping around like a headless chicken . I think it was half because I got through and half because I was in a group with Niall.

After an hour together getting to know eachother we remembered that we need a name! Niall was the first to suggest "Niall and the potatoes" but we all disagreed. Then Louis suggested " Status Single " But we thought it needed more umph. Then Liam thought about "USP" but we thought it might get mixed up all the time like SUP or PUS. Then I came up with "One Direction" and everybody loved it ! So this was just the begining ! 5 boys with their dreams that are about to come true ( hopefully) 

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