Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


1. Go get em , tiger !

'HARRY! its starting !' I screamed at my cousin. "Coming" he shouted in reply. Harry ran in and slouched down on the couch beside me , Gemma and his mum Anne  holding popcorn , chocolates , crisps and some drinks . My mom and I live with Harry and his family because my Father passed away 2 years ago because of cancer and my twin sister ran away about 2 months ago. Her name was Alisha. We looked identical! everybody used to mix us up!. Even mom , dad , aunty Anne , Gemma and Harry. As we grew older we both started to change . She dip dyed her gorgeous blonde hair pink and I dyed mine slightly purple but you could still see the blonde (like Perrie Edwards). She left one night to get some fresh air but never came back. We all miss her so much , especially me. I think about her every day and night hoping for the best.  

Harry looked at me then the food "You aren't going to eat all that are you ?!" I questioned Harry . "Becky you know i get tensed up watching the x-factor!" he replied . I rolled my eyes at how stupid my cousin can be . We tucked into our food and began watching the telly . Our eyes were glued to the T.V as the first act came onto the stage to audition in Dublin. i started at the screen and my mouth dropped. This boy was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen ! He had blonde hair , sparkling ocean blue eyes and the cutest smile ever. "Becky ?" Harry asked "shhhhhh!" i screamed. Harry's eyes widened as he backed away holding his hands up innosently. "whats up Ireland !" said the beautiful blonde . WOW! he had an amazing accent ! " hello my names Niall , Niall Horan " he said. Becky Horan .... I could get used to that !He began to sing and wow was he flawless ! He was my prince and I knew it the minute I saw him.

Harry began to sing along and i immedently stared at harry. He turned away shyly trying to avoid my eyes. "Harry! your voice is amazing !" "Ye i was going to audition but .... " he said quietly. "But nothing ! come on we are going to get you to the Manchester auditions before its to late!" i said grabbing Harry and I's jackets and keys."But Becky i have nothing prepared !" he shouted from behind me. "Well then grab a CD and practice in the car ! " I shouted back already starting the car , heating it up. The whole car ride was full of Harry's singing and my clapping. I drove into the car park and we ran inside . We got our car parked , Harry's number and microphone all within 20 minutes! it was easy though because it was the end of the day and all the acts were almost finished. We were waiting backstage for someone to call Harry's number . Finally somebody did and said  " your on in 15" and left gesturing for Harry to follow her.

When she left us it was only 5 minutes until Harry had to go on ! while we were waiting we were watching the act ahead of Harry who was already on stage. She was good enough but the judges didn't like her! All of the said its a no but then she had one of those tantrums! "There is always one !" Harry said nervously to me . " Harry, there is always a tantrum one , a hurendisly bad one and a FANTASTIC one , and you are going to be that fantastic one! Well maybe there can be 2 fantastic ones, because Niall is Flawless" I said to Harry not realizing i was talking out loud. " YOU LIKE NIALL!?!?! " He screamed at me. i just blushed deeply and then Harry began singing his song once more for me , he was singing ' Let her go ' by Passenger. He was about to start the second verse when somebody shouted "Next" Harry looked at me nervously. "You'll be fine ! they will love you! now go get em Tiger " i said as he prodded off. 

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