Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


3. Gemma!

Beckys P.O.V

We got into my car and i began to drive home. I couldn't believe Simon was speechless because of my cousin! I think i was more excited than Harry was. I couldn't stop rambling on about how happy I was for him. "Harry? you know if you know if you do make it big ?" I asked Harry she just raised his eyebrows and nodded for me to continue. "PLEASE INTRODUCE ME TO NIALL HORAN!" i screamed at Harry . "Calm done love ! of course I'll introduce you to him!" He said while rubbing my back trying to calm me down. "Hey can we stop at the store I need to get some taco shells" Harry said smiling when he said tacos. "Anything for the singing master !" I said while laughing. 

Harry P.O.V 

"WOW! Whats that!" I said to Becky. She looked over and started in amazement. There was 2 ambulances , 3 guard cars and 2 fire trucks. "I'll drive over and see" Becky whispered. She drove over and I hoped out of the car. Becky followed close behind. The first think i saw was Gemma on a gurney. "GEMMA!" we both screamed and ran to her side "Gemma it's Harry please say something!" I say willingly. "Oh Hey Hazza! what are you doing here?" Gemma asked.

" You were in a car crash ! of course im going to be here!" 

"No i wasn't silly!"

"Then why are you on a gurney!" 

" Because it looked fun to go on so i wanted to try!"

"You scared the shit out of me Gemma!" 

"aww sorry Hazza!"

Although Gemma was my big sister sometimes it felt as if I was her big brother! "Can you guys give me a lift to the store? I walked to here but I'm too tired to walk the rest of the way !" Gemma said getting into the car not really giving us a chance to answer.

" Yeah we are heading there anyway to get taco shells! what do you need to get?" Becky said to Gemma.

" This new thing called an INewz! its like an IPod or an IPhone but wit hall the latest news ! 2 Gemma replied.

"Oh cool maybe Harry will be on it !" Becky said nudging my side. I blushed deeply and started down at my lap. 


" Oh yeah Harry how did your audition go ?!" Gemma asked curious to know.

"Well, i got through all four yeses , I got a standing ovation and i left Simon Cowel speechless so Great I guess"

"Harry!! that's amazing! I'm so proud of you !" Gemma said hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek. I tried to brush her off but it was no use. Gemma was a killer for cuddles and Kisses. 

We pulled into the car park and we all ran inside to get our little few bits , payed and went home to Anne and my Mum to tell them the news.


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