Dreams so come true

19 year old Rebecca Styles is Harry's cousin. thats all im saying ! but you will enjoy. Niall Fanfiction


4. Bootcamp

*Four weeks later*

Niall P.O.V

I was at home getting by bags packed for London. I was leaving tomorrow afternoon for bootcamp. I couldn't wait to meet the other contestants and hopefully I would get through! I know everybodys says it but this is what I want to be , these are my dreams we are talking about! And maybe I'l score a few girls out of this! I'm still searching for my princess and I have a felling all this x-factor stuff has something to do with her. I never really had a serious relationship with anybody. I went to an all boys school for nearly all my life so that's probably why. I thought about this for a while when i got interupted by Greg. He screamed " NIALL you have some competition on the telly !". I ran as fast as I could down the stairs to see what he was talking about. was it the x-factor? a girl? food?. I walked into the sitting room and slummed down on the couch beside Greg. Wow was that fella good!  He was singing Let her Go by Passenger. I love that song. I think his name was Harry Styles or something like that. 


Harry P.O.V 

" Do you have spare clothes?" asked my mum

"yes mum"

"Your boxers?"

"yes mum"

"your phone?"

"yes mum"

"your spare money?"

"Yes mum!" i said raising my voice

"do you have-"

"Mum calm down I have everything i need! I'm only going to be gone for 2 days!

" I know I just cant believe my little baby is going off pursuing his dreams !" my mum said getting a little teary eyed.


"Harry you ready to go?" Becky shouted from the bottom of the stairs. I rushed down and smiled at her. I decided to let her bring me because she would be there for me . Don't get me wrong all my family is behind me every step of the way it's just Becky and I are super close. Even though we are both 19 i feel like a dad to her sometimes! I'm always protective of her , I always look out for boys around her , everything a dad would do I would do. But i promised her that if Niall and her would become an "Item" that i would sty out of it because she said something of him being her 'prince'. Anyways Me and Becky hoped into the car and began our drive to London. 

"so what exactly do you have to do in bootcamp" Becky asked

"I think we have to sing and dance" 

"what! you .. dancing .. are you serious!" she said bursting into fits of laughter.


We pulled into the carpark of my hotel. Bootcamp didn't actually start until tomorrow so I got some sleep and had time to rest. Becky decided to stay with me the 2 nights. At least I have some company ! We walked up to the front desk and we signed in and while we were waiting the receptionist and I were talking 

"So are you lovely young couple getting a few nights by yourselves?" The lady asked

Becky and I started laughing and the poor woman didnt know what was going on!

" Sorry, we aren't dating he's my cousin and he had bootcamp for the x-factor tomorrow so I thought i would come along and support him" Becky said to the receotionist clearing things up 

"oh well enjoy your stay!" the women said.


As I took the key for our room off her, me and Becky turned her back to her heading for the elevator and started falling into the sittches laughing , We went up to ouor room and the minute we hit the pillow we were concked out ,

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